Health Care Organization Change Initiative

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Health Care Organization Change Initiative


This research aims to provide the ways through which a change could be implemented in the organization, further the researcher has tried to develop strategies through which the management of the clinic can effective initiate the change process and implement in the organization. For this purposed the researcher has used only primary sources include journals, ebooks, articles and after gathering the data and after analyzing the researcher has described the policies effective for getting a change in the clinic.

Health Care Organization Change Initiative

Identification of Health care Organization

For this change initiative plan in the health care organization, I have chosen the RTC Great Lakes, Captain James Lovell Federal Health Care Facility. This hospital is private hospital with a prime responsibility of providing effective health care services to all the veterans, army officer's that got injured while protecting the borders of the country (Veterans Affair, 2010)

With our primary responsibility in mind, the RTC is trying its level best to provide quality services to its soldiers; in the current fiscal year, the hospital has been able to maintain its quality status of the largest health care service provider in America. After it execution until today the hospital has seen immense growth as from 54 hospitals in the past, now currently we have more than 150 hospitals that have the capacity of treating more that thousands of people at a time (Veterans Affair, 2010)

This hospital for over the year is known to provide best quality facilities like providing broader range of medical facilities, facilities of surgical problems, and others. Further, the not hospital in order to fulfill his mission has adapted all the latest technologies that can provide affective health services to the patients and also ensures that the family members of the patient feel comfortable (Veterans Affair, 2010)

In addition to these, since its creation the hospital has provided quality services to over more than 5.6 million soldiers. In addition, by keeping its mission, values in mind, all the facilities that hospital provides are at a lower cost and of high quality. further, the hospital not only believes in providing services but it also perform its best to honor the services of soldier for instance over the years the hospital has developed and maintained the graveyards of these veterans, and also developed informational properties in the name of these veterans (Veterans Affair, 2010).

Change Initiative Description and Rational Plan

The management of the RTC hospital is planning to change the functions of the hospital, and by that they means to transform their hospital from federal health care facility center to private health care provider. The basic agenda for initiating this plan is that management of the hospital wants to provide quality health care services to general people, especially to low income families that cannot afford expensive treatment and over the years have lost precious life's of their family members.

The proposed plan by the management is excellent step towards improving the standard of health care services across the country, as this hospital is ...
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