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Assignment on History

History students are often required to make assignments. At times a history assignment can be a little tricky and may require extensive research, which gets quite challenging for the students. To help students in this regard, this section of Researchomatic provides its users to with the greatest quality of research material which is especially customized for writing history assignment.

Foundations Of Mythology
Foundations of Mythology Foundations of Mythology Definition Myths are the traditional stories of the people that relates to the history, describing any social or natural phenomenon. The study or collection of these myths is known as mythology. The myths are usually approved by the priests, which involves supernatural characters (Campbell, 2011). Myth used popularly In ...
Japanese Canadians
Japanese Canadians Japanese Canadians Introduction The country of Canada has a rich background history. Since the arrival of the Paleo Indians, 1000s of years ago to the present day, there have been numerous invaders and rulers of Canada throughout history. This presents the idea that there are numerous beliefs as well as the ...
American History
American History [Name of the Instructor] American History In our presidential administrations (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison) we attempted to gain respect internationally. Some of our efforts were successful and others were not. Analyze and evaluate the job of the first four administrations in regards to foreign policy. Be sure to include in your ...
Roman Technology
Roman Technology Roman Technology Introduction Roman Technology is considered to be the practice of engineering supporting the civilization of Rome. The Roman military as well as the Roman commerce was expanded mainly due to the advancements in the Roman technology. The technology of Rome was known to be one of the most advanced ...
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis Cuban Missile Crisis Introduction The Cuban Missile Crisis was the finale of a series of occurrences that transformed Cuba from a dependable and trustworthy ally of the United States to an implacable enemy. The opening of these occurrences was the victory of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, which brushed away Fulgencio ...
Greek Citizen In The 5th Century Bce
Greek Citizen in the 5th Century BCE PART A a. What your occupation would have been? If I would have been given the choice of choosing between Athens and Sparta living, I would prefer to live like Sparta. Spartan life was simple. The focus was on obedience and war. Slavery made this possible ...
Greek History
Greek History Greek History ANS 1. The Ancient Greek's geography has had a significant effect on the history of Greece. The city was situated at a place which had an ideal Mediterranean climate and the mountains divided the city-states. The winters were supposedly wet and mile but still offered the growth of olives ...
HISTORY Minority or Ethnic Group in Europe Minority or Ethnic Group in Europe Introduction The term ethnic minority is, traditionally used for groups that exhibit differing cultural preferences than that of the majority or those who have differing and diverse cultural and social origins. In the experimental field, ethnic minority referred to those ...
African American History
African American History African American History What have been the experiences of this racial group throughout U.S. history? In the legend history of United States, African American racial group has gained enormous popularity in U.S boundaries. The historical account of African American goes back to the period of 1400's. Pedro Alonso, a black ...
Battle Of Gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg Battle of Gettysburg After the victory Chancellorsville, Confederate General Lee considered himself to be able to invade, for the second time in the Yankee territory. The goals pursued by this invasion were multiple (Trudeau, 2002): A great victory in Yankee territory to force the Union to engage in peace ...
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