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Research Papers on Latin-American Studies

Writing a research paper on Latin American studies can be quite challenging for students of this field, especially when it comes to researching. Writing such documents can take up to multiple days. This section of Researchomatic helps its users to write the best quality research papers on different topics in Latin American studies by using its huge database.

Brain Drain In Venezuela
Brain Drain in Venezuela Abstract Hugo Chavez was first elected by the Venezuelans in 1998, with the hope that he will turn out to be the healer of the nation. In its place, the nation received an oppressor who detained personal farms and businesses, harassed the opponents in politics and crushed ...
Catholic Church Influence On The Mexican Revolutionary War
Catholic Church influence on the Mexican Revolutionary War Catholic Church influence on the Mexican Revolutionary War Introduction One of the major armed struggles that were initiated in the year 1910 is famous in the history with the name of the Mexican Revolution. The Revolution was led by Francisco against the enemy who was ...
Iran-Contra Affair
Iran-Contra Affair Iran-Contra Affair The Iran-Contra Affair and Reagan Administration Scandal The Iran-Contra scandal, also known as Irangate, is a political event occurred between 1985 and 1986, in which the government of the United States, under the administration of President Ronald Reagan, government sold arms to Iran when it was immersed in ...
Mobilization And Social Transformation In Latin America
Mobilization and Social Transformation in Latin America Introduction The experiences of social mobilization that spread across the continent in the mid and late 90's, represented a rediscovery of previously hidden or invisible identities, and called for society to be reconstructed after the subjugation neoliberal and strong challenges to its main partners (Plotkin ...
Gender Inequality In Latin America
Gender Inequality in Latin America Abstract The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore gender inequality in Latin America. The core objective of the paper is to enlighten the concept and gender inequality. Moreover, the paper explores gender inequality in context of Latin America. The paper discovers and explores different ...
Mexican-American Women's Role And Sexuality After The 1920s
Mexican-American Women's Role and Sexuality after the 1920s Mexican-American Women's Role and Sexuality after the 1920s Introduction This excerpt from the magazine Far Eastern Economic Review graphically captures the multifaceted discrimination and exploitation faced by women.  Processes of political and economic transformation that have changed the face of the world over the ...
Biography Of Reinaldo Arenas
Biography of Reinaldo Arenas Introduction Arenas, Reinaldo (16 July 1943-7 Dec. 1990), novelist and political activist, was born in Holguín, a town in rural eastern Cuba, the son of Oneida Fuentes, a poor peasant woman, and a peasant father who abandoned his unborn child. Barely sixteen years old at the time of the ...
The Argentinean Dirty War
The Argentinean Dirty War Abstract The research paper discusses the Argentinean dirty war. The war that lasted for a long period of seven years was a government supported violation not only against the subversives and dissidents but also against the entire civilian nation. The crimes committed during the war by the military ...
BRAZIL Brazil Brazil Introduction One of the largest country's in the Southern part of America is Brazil. Brazil is the 5th largest country of the world, both through geographical region as well as by population with more than 192 million of population at present. Not only this, but Brazil is the single ...
The Zoot Suit Riots
The Zoot Suit Riots Abstract In this study the US race immigration is explored in a holistic context. The key events that are discussed in this research paper include the Zoot Suit Riots in the mid 1900's and the following attacks that cross all the way over to New York City. The ...
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