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Assignment on Law

Law finds immense application in our lives and is hardly limited to any single domain. Writing a law assignment is therefore a hefty task given the broad expanse and scope of the field. This section of Researchomatic has been specifically designed for students and researchers to shed light on the common law practices, legal careers, and legal designs and most importantly on different case notes.

Business And Company Law
BUSINESS AND COMPANY LAW Business and Company Law Business and Company Law PART A: (a) Distinguish between Acts of Parliament as primary legislation in the UK and the various types of secondary legislation. Parliament is the legislative body of England and Wales. Although there is a degree of independence between the legislative, executive ...
Community Audit Report
COMMUNITY AUDIT REPORT Community Audit Report Community Audit Report Community Safety The term community safety is often used to refer crime prevention and reduction. Although community safety is not limited to crime prevention only however it is considered as a major aspect. It is a broader concept which is subjected to crime prevention ...
Diversity and Discrimination
CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Diversity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Diversity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Literature Review Theoretical Development regarding Women Offenders In the past it was considered that male are the primary offenders in criminal justice system, most of the theories are related to male offenders because females were considered ...
Consent Form And Questionnaire
Consent form and Questionnaire Consent Form Does compliance with Part L of Building Regulations impact on Value Engineering and overall Costs on Housing Projects in the United Kingdom? Principle Investigator Name: : Subject: Email id: Dear Participant, The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of compliance with Part L of Building Regulations in ...
Violent Behavior In Institutions
Violent Behavior in Institutions Violent Behavior in Institutions Introduction The violence being faced by the human service workers is still pervasive within the society contributing to the increment within the crime rate. The workplace violence can be categorized as any act of violence against the person or property. The violence in terms of ...
Violent Behavior In Institution
Violent behavior in Institution [name of the Institute] Violent behavior in Institutions Recently, a number of hazards have become common in the sector of human services professionals creating more risks of being victims of violent behavior as compare to the past. Therefore, the issue has become so severe that the American Psychological Association ...
Public Administration
MARKETING/MANAGEMENT Public Administration Public Administration Introduction The part of public administration in supervision is a proceeding subject of exchange and talk about. The present worldwide reassessment of the roles of the State and of open authorities and common servants comes up from two major sources: one is globalization and its effects on ...
Contract And Negligence
CONTRACT AND NEGLIGENCE Aspects of Contracts and Negligence for Business - Case Studies Aspects of Contracts and Negligence for Business - Case Studies PART A: CONTRACT LAW Types of Contracts Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts There are a few sorts of agreements or contracts in the law of contracts. The primary of which is the two-sided ...
Gun Control
Gun control Gun control Introduction Debate about reducing the gun culture in this universe is very old, and in United States of America its intensity is of high magnitude and public is unaware of the legal regulation of the gun in the country. Various sections of media are creating awareness in the public ...
Business Law - Contract
Business Law [Name of the Institute] Business Law Week 5 The scenario evidently suggests that the a verbal agreement was entered into between the client and the real estate agent in which the real estate agent offers her assistance in obtaining a foreclosed property for the client in return for some consideration. Consequently, the ...
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