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Assignment on Criminology

Criminology is a vast domain which focuses on the study of various criminals and their crimes in a society while also taking into account its response on the same. The social phenomena involved in this science makes it even more complicated. Researchomatic has therefore provided a range of criminology assignments for its users which focus on the complexities surrounding the causation, correction and the prevention of criminal behavior and activities.

Cellular Phone Fraud
Cellular Phone Fraud Fraud and Cellular Phone Fraud1 Evolution of Telecommunication1 Mobile Communications2 Cellular Telecommunications Fraud3 Types of Cellular Phone Fraud5 Subscriber Fraud5 Cell Phone Cloning Fraud5 Phone theft7 Cellular Telecommunication Fraud Detection7 Difficulties in Detecting Fraud8 Cellular Phone Fraud Management Strategies9 Prevention10 Detection10 Deterrence11 Cellular Phone Fraud Fraud and Cellular Phone Fraud There are many definitions of fraud are available in literature, where the subscriber's intention ...
Violence Risk Appraisal Guide
Violence Risk Appraisal Guide Violence Risk Appraisal Guide Introduction Violence is an interpersonal and social phenomenon that affects the health and welfare of individuals and has become a collective problem of the first order (Reiss, 1994). This applies to any of the many forms it takes, but very especially when violence is ...
Bryan Stevenson: We Need To Talk About An Injustice
Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an Injustice Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an Injustice Introduction This video presented by Bryan Stevenson talks about the hard facts of the justice system of America. Bryan is a public-interest lawyer who has dedicated all his life in helping the poor and all ...
Social Learning Theory Of Crime And Deviance
Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance Introduction The article “Empirical Status of Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance: The Past, Present, and Future” gives empirical view of social learning theory. According to the Akers et al (2006), this theory gives logical, proven and confirmed ...
Mentally Disordered Offenders – Sentencing Options
Mentally Disordered Offenders - Sentencing Options Introduction2 Discussion3 Human Rights Implications3 Sentencing Horizons for Judges5 Imprisonment Sentences7 Bailing Sentences8 Mental Illness and Treatment8 Judges and Mental Illness Assessment8 Treatment - Nature and Sites9 Fitness to Plead in the Crown Court10 Dangerous Offenders and Sentencing12 Guardianship Order13 Interim Hospital Order13 Judicial precedent14 Conclusion15 Mentally Disordered Offenders - Sentencing Options Introduction The term related to mentally disordered ...
Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling Racial Profiling Introduction Racial profiling refers to the practice of discrimination by the law enforcement officials against the people of the minority groups, race, ethnicity and other minority communities. The people of these groups are targeted on the basis of the doubt for the crime and illegal activities. The police and ...
Labeling Theories
Labeling Theories Labeling Theories Introduction In criminology, it is very important to analyze why individuals commit crime and how to hand and prevent crime. Over years, several theories emerged such as rational choice theory, strain theory, social control theory, labeling theory and social disorganization theory. In this paper we are going to ...
Criminology Theories
Criminology Theories Criminology Theories Introduction The psychological aspects of violent behaviour and criminology have its roots in different theories surrounding this peculiar science. This behaviour is sophisticated enough to analyze and intricate enough to research on. According to some researchers, there are certain types of mental illnesses that are related to criminal behaviour. ...
Cj501 Unit 9 Discussion Board
CJ501 Unit 9 Discussion Board CJ501 Unit 9 Discussion Board Impact of Developmental Theories on Crime Prevention Program Implementation The developmental theories have great significant impact on the implementation of program relating to crime. The developmental theories relating to adolescents and youth are impacting crime implementation programs in a child's stages of life. ...
Week 3 Assignment
Week 3 Assignment Week 3 Assignment Introduction Most of the police work is driven by incidents and many officers usually find themselves in dealing with related or similar incidents that they faced in their pasts. The idea of POP “Problem-Oriented Policing” is related to examine the designs of incident bundles for identifying and ...
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