Management Of Technology

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Management of Technology


Recent years are assuming for most companies a huge challenge due to the need to respond to an increasingly global market, boosted by technology and, in any case, extremely competitive. The ability to take the organization to implement and maintain modern technologies efficiently and controlled, will have a major impact on their competitiveness and optimization. Markets become highly competitive and in order to insert them constant innovation is necessary. The use of information technology and communications has grown significantly, and companies increasingly rely on them to ensure success in today's business environment. The strategic purposes of blending leadership with technology management include: long-term corporate security, sustainable competitiveness, optimization of structural design and the socio-technical system design, optimization of the technology portfolio, and innovation and effectiveness of technology use. The operational strategic purposes include: continuous process of innovation management, optimization of process organization, efficient implementation of the product range, and optimizing the performance and cooperation among staff and managers. This, coupled with the high competitiveness, and high uncertainty in this environment, make the Technology Management and Innovation is considered one of the main ways to achieve sustainable success in the medium and long term.

Keywords: Technology, Innovation, Information Technology and Communications, Management of Technology and Innovation.

Management of Technology


This research describes the Management of Technology. The leadership, Maxwell's Laws of leadership, and the application of leadership in the technology management are also highlighted in the paper. With the ever-increasing growth of the use and acquisition of information technology and communications, it is essential the need to maintain a current inventory of them, and depending on the importance and the increased cost of these resources available, you must ensure technological improvement, which allows appropriate use of these resources, ensuring the existence of information systems, and their efficiency and effectiveness.

Problem Statement

Management of technology is a very critical issue in the area of technology. The effective management of technology also requires the appropriate application of the leadership.

Thesis Statement

The application of leadership and Maxwell's Laws of leadership plays a very vital role in the effective and successful management of technology in any organization.

Purpose of the Research Project

The purpose of this study is to analyze the needs and requirements of effective technology management, and the need of the leadership in the technology management. This study covers the procedures and measures, which can be adopted by the managers of technology to exploit the leadership, and particularly the Maxwell's Laws of leadership. The main purpose of the technology management is to increase competitiveness of an organization through targeted technology innovation to improve market position and ultimately achieve sustainable profits.

Value of the Research Project

The application of the leadership principles to the area of technology management aims to synchronize all the processes of the technology and services from the management perspectives. We intend to apply the Maxwell's Laws of leadership because these are the most popular, easily understandable even by those who have very less knowledge about the leadership, and easy to follow and adopt.

Literature Review

The management of technology is not ...
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