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Assignment on Marketing

Marketing activities acts as a bridge between the producer and the customers. There are various activities involved in marketing process. Students of marketing at any level are often asked by their professors to make an assignment on marketing. Researchomatic has brought ease for the students and ensures the availability of thousand of latest topics on marketing assignments. Students can get help in preparing their own marketing assignments easily.

Customer Services Employees Training
Customer Services Employees Training Customer Services Employees Training Introduction Individuals and organizations as learners can have different needs pertaining to education and training. A proper and adequate assessment of these needs is essential for developing an appropriate and efficient program which addresses these needs and fill the underlying gaps. Assessment of needs ...
Meet Generation Z
Summary Summary HR experts doubtlessly have invested more than enough time administering contrasts around their organizations' different eras of representatives. Presently, one expert says, there's another gathering of laborers who merit quick consideration: Generation Z. The most youthful partner of what most eyewitnesses distinguish as Generation Y, or the Millennials, is a developing ...
Olympics 2012
Olympics 2012 Olympics 2012 Executive Summary The rationale of this report is to examine the success and achievement of the 2012 London's Olympic Games and implication it caused on the sustainability in East London area. The Olympic Games are said to be the biggest sports event of the world. The Olympics have been ...
Employee Relations
EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Employee Relations Employee Relations Introduction I have selected Question 3 which is “Human resource management": is this the way forward for managing employee relations at work?. Human Resource Management is an important element of the wider concept - human resource management, although in practice, these two terms are often ...
Project Proposal (Procurement & Contract)
PROJECT PROPOSAL (PROCUREMENT & CONTRACT) Project Proposal (Procurement & Contract) Project Proposal (Procurement & Contract) Introduction The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the most valued public sector institutions of UK, providing healthcare, which is free at the delivery point. One of the original goals put forth in The NHS Plan: A Plan ...
Marketing Plan Of A Soft Drink
Marketing Plan of a Soft Drink [Name of the Course and Number] [Date Submitted] Marketing plan of a soft drink Introduction An organization's goals can be achieved with the help of a well thought out and researched marketing plan. The plan gives a broad view of the marketing activities that need to be implemented for ...
Managing Across Cultures
MANAGING ACROSS CULTURES Managing Across Cultures Managing Across Cultures Introduction There are cases when companies and organizations operating in an industry have a culturally diverse workforce. In such situations, companies will have to make sure that they manage their workforce in an effective manner which will prove to be helpful for the business and ...
Analyzing Organizations
Analyzing Organizations Analyzing Organizations Introduction Yahoo undoubtedly is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. It could be said as the pioneer of search engine and remained the most favorite search engine for a considerable time. It also offers several other services like Yahoo Finance and web hosting. Google on ...
Product Life Cycle
Marketing Analysis Marketing Analysis Introduction In the life cycle of the product reflected the changes of fashion, taste, style, technical progress, and technical obsolescence. The duration of the life cycle as a whole and its individual phases depends on the product itself, and from a market. As a product goes through the different stages of ...
Information Systems
Information Systems Information Systems [Name] ] Introduction3 Information System3 Discussion4 Data Information Decision Making4 ICTs as an Investment5 Benefits and Problems6 Communication7 Internal and External Stakeholders8 Employees as a Stakeholder9 Government as a Stakeholder9 Customer as a Stakeholder9 Media as a Stakeholder10 Shareholders as Stakeholders10 Systems Led Strategy of Organization10 Strategic Business planning11 Information Systems Assessment11 Information Systems Vision11 Information systems guidelines11 Strategic Initiatives12 Conclusion12 Information System Introduction Information System Function and structure are two perspectives ...
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