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Research Papers on Healthcare Sciences

Healthcare science is at the forefront of scientific and technological developments in healthcare industry, and plays an increasingly important role in improving outcomes for patients. Writing a research paper on Healthcare sciences involves a lot of time, effort and research. Keeping in view the importance of the subject, Researchomatic provides numerous sample research papers on Healthcare sciences to help students excel in their careers.

A Study Of HIV Stigma Amongst Black Africans In England
A Study of HIV Stigma amongst Black Africans in England By [Name of the Institute] [Course Code] A Study of HIV Stigma amongst Black Africans in England1 1.1. Background of the Study1 1.2. Research Statement2 1.3. Significance of the Study2 1.4. Aim of the Research4 1.5. Research Objectives5 1.6. Understanding HIV Stigma among the Black Africans in England5 1.7. Research Methodology8 References10 Timeline12 A ...
Use Of Natural Methods To Lower High Blood Pressure
Use of natural methods to lower High blood pressure Problem Statement1 Current Background1 Hypothesis2 Sampling Plan2 Research Design3 Data Collection Tools3 Learning Objectives3 References6 Use of Natural Methods to Lower High Blood Pressure Problem Statement To explore the relationship between natural methods like diet, herbs etc and high blood pressure. Current Background Blood pressure is the measurement of pressure of blood on ...
Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery Introduction Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that was initially associated with the aesthetic and modification of the appearance. This may include the repair of congenital or acquired mutilations of the body, but also from cosmetic surgery without medical necessity. The official name of the specialty is however, "plastic, reconstructive ...
History Of Occupational Therapy
History of Occupational Therapy Abstract An occupational therapist applies his specific knowledge to allow peoples to engage in activities of daily life having personal meaning and value. He developed, improved, or restored independence of any person who has an injury, illness, disability or psychological problem. The goal of occupational therapist is to ...
The Incidence Of Foot Ulcers In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus
The Incidence of Foot Ulcers in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus The Incidence of Foot Ulcers in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Introduction This research work focuses on identifying the incidents of foot ulcer in the patients who are exposed to diabetes mellitus and the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and diabetes mellitus type-2. This study ...
Overmedication In Children
Overmedication in Children Overmedication in Children Introduction In today`s life children are more exposed to medication than ever before. The modern thinking of a child is a sad taught that when they will grow up, than taking the medicine will solve all their problems, and provides them with good time. The thinking ...
The Rise In Hiv In The Teenage African American Population
The Rise in HIV in the Teenage African American Population Abstract More than 230,000 Africans Americans have died of Aids (CDC, 2011). Young population, especially African American is at great risk of becoming carrier, and get affected by HIV. This paper aims at putting light on HIV, stats related to African American ...
The Rise Of Hiv In The Teenage African American Population
The Rise of HIV in the Teenage African American Population Table of Contents Introduction1 Background and Statement to the Problem2 Research Question3 Rationale3 Theoretical Framework3 Psychological3 Behavioral4 Literature Review5 Population Targeted5 Population Demographic5 The Impact of Demographic on the Market of Health Care6 Demographic Changes Affecting Health Care7 Key Challenges8 Chronic Disease Wellness Program8 Addressing the Challenge9 Further Statistics9 Abstinence11 The Question of Policy12 Effectiveness of Abstinence Education13 Proposed Methodology15 Sample17 Confidentiality17 Expected ...
Health Information Systems
Health Information Systems Abstract In this paper we have discuss the Health Information Systems (HIS)Strategic Planning Process design for the radiology department of Cook County Hospital. The Strategic Planning Process illustrate the improvement through which a single medical information system can created from dozens of computers networked that makes it possible ...
Perception Of Pressure Ulcer On Hospitalized Patient
Perception of Pressure Ulcer on Hospitalized Patient Abstract The research paper focuses on perception of pressure ulcer on hospitalized patient and the problems faced implementing pressure ulcer prevention programs and QSEN/ IOM educational framework of competencies. The reach builds on literature review followed by a case analysis. Pressure ulcers are one of ...
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