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Medicines Management


The selected organization for this specific paper is NHS of England. As per various issues conducting a feasible field trip was not possible and this is the reason why this well known organization has been selected in order to highlight every basic element so that proper as well as clearly understanding can be evaluated in a best possible manner.

The primary objective of NHS is to maintain the health system of a society so that positive outcomes can best be generated. Some of the main objectives of WHO are:

Planning to reduce all the exclusion as well as social based disparities also termed as universal coverage reforms.

Trying to organize health related services as per the needs and expectations of the people.

Planning to integrate health in every sector.

Trying to peruse collaborative based models related to the policy dialogue.

Planning to enhance the stakeholders based participation.

These above mentioned objectives are thus termed as an important one and this organization is thus focusing to enhance the health system of an overall society. Our aim is to analyze and rectify all the basic elements that are related to the health sector and to find out that how this organization is actually working and helping in generating potential outcomes (Hastie,, 2009, p.89).

Therefore, data collection method is tends to be the important one and primary along with secondary research is thus conducted in order to find out all the necessary elements that can actually enhance the health system of a nation. This is thus termed as an important method with the help of which health system of a nation can be improved to a greater extend.


General Practioner's main goal is to look at every detail that is related to the health service and to teach people how to lead a healthy as well as a successful life. While going through various research papers of NHS and having a glance at GP's roles and responsibilities we came across some important elements as well that are helping in making our nation effective one. As a matter of fact GPs normally work in practices as part of a team which comprises of nurses along with the healthcare assistants, the practice managers, well trained receptionists and also other staff members. As per various researches it has been proved that most of the practices also work very much closely with all the other healthcare professionals, for instance health visitors, midwives, and also the social services. While doing primary as well as secondary research we also came to know that normally most of the GPs and the other healthcare professionals are seen at their premises (Selby, 2004, p.89).

GP's another important role is to educate people regarding health care services in order to teach them what is beneficial for them and what is not. This is thus termed as the best method with the help of which a society can actually generate potential outcomes and the health sector can thus result in potential one as well. GP's target is actually to set goals in order ...
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