Personal Skills Development

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Personal Skills Development

Personal Skills Development


This report is a summary of the general framework of self analysis, which consists of my personal and professional development skills, in addition with my management skills that would help in my future. The report will term me as Incorporation, which is Salem Inc. I have articulated all the details which are important for me and my business. This report portrays my current position and my abilities.

In this report of self analysis of management skills, the main purpose of the report is to evaluate Salem Incorporation, to the information it has gained through the experiences. In order to fulfill the basic requirements of the self analysis, it is necessary to incorporate certain instrument to perform the process of personal assets and inventory of skills, for the same purpose Salem Incorporation used a different set of tool, which will act as a performance and personal inventory indicator. Mission Statement

The mission of Salem Inc. is to seek admission in the university for the purpose of attaining the master degree in the discipline of Finance. I was always inspired in getting high education, for me education was not at all an obligation, but I took education and learning as an endeavor to be intellectually sound than the rest of my peers. Learning is an essential element in life, and certainly we have the ability to learn a lot of skills in our lifelong experiences. I have a statement of value, which totally reflect my understanding and value of learning in my life. According to my own set of value over the concept of learning, it is actually an experiential process which actually results in the permanent change in the behavior of the person.

In today's globalized era, the world is also changing with speed, and everything is being developed in the midst of the state. People acquire knowledge as it has become the basic norm. People have become aware of the fact that without learning nothing is possible, thus people are also spending much of their time in studying in order to make themselves on an edge. Learning is a lifelong process, and it does not end with the graduation degree.

Skill development

For any course and other learning enhancement methods, it is aimed at the determination of the feature that has to do with some type of skill development. The key purpose of the learning methods is about making the people perform well at the work they are designated for. The whole idea behind the skill development has to do with the scenario that could lead to the enhancement of the skills.

The skills

There are certain skills that are required for coping with the needs of management, as well as, the enhancement of the performance of the individual. The rationale between the connection of the needs of management and the skill enhancement go together, and therefore, the whole picture of the skill development is about the enhancement of the output of the individual, but also, the development ...
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