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The field of theology focuses on the different concepts surrounding religions and their development. Normal assignments on religion and theology investigate the teaching of the religion and various theories that have been developed in the past. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to providing a complete collection of normal assignments on religion and theology in order to assist the users and researchers to gain good quality content.

Cultural Research Project
CULTURAL RESEARCH PROJECT Cultural Research Project Cultural Research Project Introduction Hinduism is a religious tradition of India, in Sanskrit known as Sanatana Dharma (eternal religion) or vaidika dharma (duty Vedic). It is the third largest religion with more than nine million members, after Christianity and Islam. The states in which it is ...
Potential Reception Of The Gospel
Potential Reception of the Gospel Introduction The person who is concerned for the content of the gospel should be equally concerned for the spread of the gospel. The purity of the good news of salvation is irrelevant if it is never preached, and therefore never heard and believed. It is precisely because ...
The Story Of Christian Music
THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN MUSIC The Story of Christian Music - Chapter 44-47 The Story of Christian Music - Chapter 44-47 Music has been at the heart of Christian worship since the beginning, and this lavishly illustrated and wonderfully written volume fully surveys the many centuries of creative Christian musical experimentation. ...
Religion And Theology
RELIGION AND THEOLOGY An in-depth Analysis of Theology and Theologian according to the Text Books An in-depth Analysis of Theology and Theologian according to the Text Books Introduction The Christian texts are the source of doctrine and reliance for faithful Christians as they enhance their knowledge on Christianity. It considered inerrant ...
ISLAM Was Islam spread by sword and what does it says about Terrorism? [Institution's Name] Rational Generally there is a belief that Islam was spread at the point of sword and now it is known to be the religion that promotes terrorism. This study will prove to be very significant in unveiling the truth ...
Change & Continuity Over Time: Islam
Change & Continuity Over Time: Islam Introduction Because his sons had died in infancy, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) died without a clear hereditary male successor. He apparently had not appointed anyone to succeed him, and the result was confusion and an unclear line of succession—a fact that ultimately created significant ...
Quinceañera Introduction The main purpose of this assignment is to throw light on any of the culture performance. I have chosen the event of Quinceañera for analysis. Quinceañera is the tradition of the Hispanic culture. Quinceañera tradition has celebrations on the 15th birthday of the girl. Quinceañera celebration is a tradition ...
Ruth The life of a leader who is spiritual is a lot more than practicing spirituality, and attending the church regularly. The life of a spiritual leader is not just like that of a faithful Christian when he is being watched, but he is the one who acts in an orderly ...
HOMOSEXUALITY Acceptance of Homosexuality Introduction This is a very sensitive topic about what different churches said about the acceptability of homosexuality. Diverse arguments exist as far as this topic is concerned. The arguments are present from both wings, one wing is supporting the idea of acceptability of homosexuality and the other wing is ...
The Progress Of Redemption From “eden To Eternity”
The Progress of Redemption from “Eden to Eternity” Introduction This paper is a reflective paper in which we will analyze the First Four Champters of McNeal discussing Moses: A Heart on a Mission, David: A Heart After God, Paul: A Heart Captured by God, Jesus: The Heartbeat of God. Moses: A Heart on ...
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