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The field of theology focuses on the different concepts surrounding religions and their development. Normal assignments on religion and theology investigate the teaching of the religion and various theories that have been developed in the past. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to providing a complete collection of normal assignments on religion and theology in order to assist the users and researchers to gain good quality content.

Church, A Healing Community
Church, a Healing Community Introduction The reason God's people can be considered as a healing community is twofold: 1) own experience over the past several months of God's healing community through the people who have loved us/me so well through the terrible/wonderful journey; 2) the almost constant reminder of how many believers ...
Reflection: Connect Relationships On Four Levels
Reflection: Connect Relationships on Four Levels Introduction The book titled, “The Relational Way: From Small Group Structures to Holistic Life Connections,” by Scott Boren, is a prequel to another one of Boren's book titled, “How Do We Get There from Here?” In this book, the author has written about group ministry and ...
Identifying Characteristics Of Community And What Are Ways To Nurture
Identifying Characteristics of Community and What Are Ways to Nurture Introduction This assignment paper will try to examine different characteristics of Christian community that are presented by Dietrich Bonheoffer, who was born on 1906, was a key author and philosopher during Germany war. He wrote number of books related to theology, ...
Gender Issues In Buddhism
GENDER ISSUES IN BUDDHISM Gender Issues in Buddhism: East and West [Name of Student] Table of Contents Introduction to Buddhism1 Controversial Issues2 Gender Issues in Buddhism4 Buddhism Gender Issues in East and West5 Women as Agents of Change in Buddhism7 Critical Analysis8 Conclusion9 Gender Issues in Buddhism: East and West Introduction to Buddhism Buddhism originated in northeast India based on Siddhartha ...
MYTHOLOGY Analyzing Mythology Analyzing Mythology Question 1) After reading the article, I came across that a person with faith get offended if someone will call his/her believes a myth. A person who values his religion the most, and lives a life according to it by following what the religion teaches them, and ...
The Gospel Of John
THE GOSPEL OF JOHN The Gospel of John The Gospel of John Summary The Gospel of John has an extraordinary quality that affects the brain of every one, individuals who read with some attention, even though they do not realize what has this cause: it does not just affect the thoughts, but it ...
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