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The field of theology focuses on the different concepts surrounding religions and their development. Normal assignments on religion and theology investigate the teaching of the religion and various theories that have been developed in the past. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to providing a complete collection of normal assignments on religion and theology in order to assist the users and researchers to gain good quality content.

Islam Field Research
Islam Field Research Islam Field Research Introduction In this topic, there is a need to discuss the important aspects related to the religion Islam In this assignment, the first objective is to compare the two religions that are Christianity and Islam. An attempt will be made to show to the American/Christian Community ...
Normandy American Cemetery And Memorial
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial Introduction The cemetery is one of the most mesmerizing, cultural and artistic landscapes. The culture is our base, impelled through the understanding of death to generate something which moves beyond the finitude. The funerary monuments as well as the tomb sites have ...
Sikhism – A Religion Under Light
Sikhism - A Religion under Light Sikhism - A Religion under Light Introduction Sikhism is the world's fifth largest religion and is quite a practical religion to follow. Religion does not have to do with wandering around the tombs and shrines or following the Yogis. It is the ultimate mode of living ...
Islam And Misconceptions
Islam and Misconceptions Islam and Misconceptions Introduction The conceptual meaning of the word Islam means “To Surrender”. Surrendering to the will of God leads to inner peace and tranquility (Mirbagheri, 2010). The religion of Islam has teaches its followers through the revelation of four major scriptures namely Torah, Zabur, Injil and Quran (Kitabevi, ...
Life’s Biggest Question
Life's Biggest Question Life's Biggest Question Answers to Chapter 1 1. Human beings are created by God in his image and therefore they are superior to any of his other creations. Due to this human being can feel superior to all other creatures and feel more close to God. In this way the relationship ...
Book Review
BOOK REVIEW Book Review [Name of the institute]Book Review: The Pocket Guide to Leading a Small Group: 52 Ways to Help You and Your Small Group Abstract The book starts with the theme of mentioning the need of togetherness and belongingness which in turn give rise to the phenomenon of community or small group. ...
Family And The Church
Family and the Church Family and the Church The Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems The Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems was developed in an attempt to bridge the gap that typically exists between research, theory and practice. The Circumplex Model is particularly useful as a "relational diagnosis" because ...
Dwelling Place Of God
Dwelling Place of God Dwelling Place of God Introduction Before dealing with the history of the Church requires a short and concise introduction to what we mean by history, the scanning of the time within which it moves, its research methods, concepts of church history that developed during the time, that is ...
Church History
Church History Table of Contents Introduction1 Importance of Understanding Church History1 Church History: Theological Perspective2 Church History and its Branches2 Periods of Church History3 Early Ages (A.D. 1-590)3 Middle Ages (590-1517) A.D.13 Modern Ages: (1517-1880 A.D.)19 Conclusion24 Summary25 References27 Church History Introduction A church serves as a facilitator or a meeting point for the Christians. The history reveals that previously Christians use to meet in ...
The Carolingian, Macedonian, And Islamic Renaissance
The Carolingian, Macedonian, and Islamic Renaissance Carolingian Renaissance The Carolingian Renaissance is the name given to the revival of classical Latin culture in the Carolingian Empire in the late centuries VIII and .IX. It was a period of intellectual and cultural renaissance, with the number of activities occurred during the reigns of ...
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