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Essay on Normal

Normal essays on theology focus on understanding the different theories around religions and their development. With so many divisions of theology, this section of Researchomatic provides a collection of normal essays on religion which helps students in their studies regarding the subject. The topics are diverse and provide a systematic and rational view of the different concepts surrounding this domain.

World Religions
World Religions World Religions Introduction The idea of world religions became a popular way of thinking about the diversity of the world's religious traditions in the latter half of the 20th century. Religious communities were thought of as “world religions” if they were historic religious traditions with a worldwide or nearly worldwide presence/distribution, ...
RELIGION Islam and Modernity Islam and Modernity Introduction The debate on Islam with respect to modernity is a long standing one and has been explored countless times. After the fateful World Trade Centre bombings, Islamic principles and t heir ability to co-exist with Western civilization came into light and because a serious issue on ...
Radical Islam Nazi Germany
RADICAL ISLAM NAZI GERMANY Similarities between Radical Islam Nazi Germany Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Similarities between Radical Islam Nazi Germany Introduction The history is repeating itself. The ideologies of Nazi Germany and Radical Islam were very similar. The period from 1933 to 1945, of Adolf Hitler dictatorship and his Nazi party also ...
Practical Book Review
PRACTICAL BOOK REVIEW Practical Book Review: 9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud [Name of the Institute] Practical Book Review: 9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud Hey! Psychologist Henry Cloud shows nine simple behavioral principles that all successful people have in common - and that anyone can learn. ...
Jesus & Mohammed
Jesus & Mohammed Jesus & Mohammed Jesus Christ His life Jesus or Christ was born in 6BC in Jerusalem. He was known as a Jewish Preacher and the founder of the Christian religion, whose followers believe him as the son of God. Christ's name in Greek means "appointed one" and it becomes a ...
Qur’anic ‘jihad’
Qur'anic 'jihad' Qur'anic 'jihad' Introduction The word jihad is one been much discussed and which often interpreted with some degree of sensationalised polemic. It has become, to some extent, divorced from its signi?cance as a Qur'anic term. Our approach in this study is, therefore, to deal with the subject on the basis ...
Case Study
CASE STUDY Case Study Case Study The case is about Lauren who is a fourteen year old teenager. Her parents are concerned with regards to her performance at school and the relationships she is having with the family which are having a negative impact because of the change in her behavior and emotions. ...
Calligraphy In The Islamic World
Calligraphy in the Islamic World Introduction The use of writing as an art is one of the most distinctive elements of Islamic art. Arabic is the language of the Qur'anic revelation in Islam. This language is spreading rapidly throughout the Islamic world during the Muslim conquest. The writing does the same, since ...
Remembrance Of Allah
REMEMBRANCE OF ALLAH Remembrance of Allah and its meaning Remembrance of Allah Introduction Remembrance of Allah gives a person a higher degree of Tawhid. Remembrance of Allah - the main root of murids. The stronger the root, the more is the fruit. Zikr, this is the same as the vigil until the servant of ...
Pre-Islamic Arab
PRE-ISLAMIC ARAB PRE-ISLAMIC ARAB: Life Before The Holy Prophet PRE-ISLAMIC ARAB: LIFE BEFORE THE HOLY PROPHET Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, outlines its origin to the Prophet Abraham (whom Muslims know as Ibrahim). He is said to have fathered two sons. The first was Isma'il, son of Hagar, an Egyptian slave whom Muslims ...
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