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Essay on Normal

Normal essays on theology focus on understanding the different theories around religions and their development. With so many divisions of theology, this section of Researchomatic provides a collection of normal essays on religion which helps students in their studies regarding the subject. The topics are diverse and provide a systematic and rational view of the different concepts surrounding this domain.

CHRISTIANITY Christianity Christianity Christianity in a variety of denominations found its way to New Guinea in the late nineteenth century, the London Missionary Society having entered the area around 1874. The colonial powers in the region were Christian nations which saw missions as their allies in the spread of civilization. Both Protestant and Catholic missions ...
John Wesley
John Wesley Introduction John Wesley (1703-1791) was a priest Anglican Britain. Wesley is largely credited with his brother Charles Wesley, as one of the founding of the Church, Methodist, when he began to make preaching open air in a way similar to George Whitefield. Early Methodist Movement John in the company of his brother ...
Book Review
BOOK REVIEW Book Review The Spirit Catches you and you Fall Down Introduction "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” provides an education in Hmong history and American medicine, a gripping family drama, and a new outlook on the world. The book "The Spirit Catches You and you Fall Down" is written by ...
The English Reformation And Catholic Counter
The English Reformation and Catholic Counter Introduction Literally, 'reformation' means an act of reforming, amending and improving. Capitalised and preceded by the definite article, 'The Reformation' identifies that period and process in the 16th Century in Europe which saw the doctrine and power of the Roman Catholic Church challenged and in ...
Early Reformers
Early Reformers As mediated by late Scholasticism, however, Aquinas's common law legacy found a mixed reception among the early reformers. Although Martin Luther (1483-1546) acknowledged that there is a (natural) law written on the human heart, he regarded the corruption of reason by Sin in particular, by the sinful will to ...
Medieval Church
Medieval Church By the Medieval time, the Catholic Church had a well-established role in Western European society. At a local level, the representative of the church was the parish priest, who mostly came from the community whose spiritual well-being he was responsible for. Groups of parishes were organised into dioceses each ...
Augustine And Pelagius
Augustine and Pelagius Introduction Pelagius was of a different doctrine of grace as the great Doctor of the Church, Augustine. Pelagius taught that moral freedom for evil as for good, and, therefore, considered that people are free and able to do what is good by itself. The divine grace for him was ...
Early Heresies And Councils
Early Heresies and Councils Introduction The first centuries of Christianity experienced many heresies, different in their formulation, but, all of which relate to the fundamental problem of God, the Trinity revealed by Christ, the person of Christ and his mission. Characteristic of heresy is often pointed out a truth, a principle, an ...
Interview Of A Christian Church Preacher
Interview of a christian church preacher Introduction Preacher is a term for someone who preaches sermons or gives homilies. A preacher is distinct from a theologian by focusing on the communication rather than the development of doctrine. Others see preaching and theology as being intertwined. Preaching is not limited to religious views, ...
Existence Of God
EXISTENCE OF GOD The existence of God, identify their strength and weaknesses [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] The existence of God, identify their strength and weaknesses Introduction Since the inception, there are many arguments about the existence of God. Both believers and non believers argued numerous times on numerous platforms on the existence of ...
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