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Essay on Normal

Normal essays on theology focus on understanding the different theories around religions and their development. With so many divisions of theology, this section of Researchomatic provides a collection of normal essays on religion which helps students in their studies regarding the subject. The topics are diverse and provide a systematic and rational view of the different concepts surrounding this domain.

Religious Views Of Sexuality
RELIGIOUS VIEWS OF SEXUALITY Modern Religious Views of Sexuality Modern religious views of sexuality Introduction Sex is a divine idea. In the beginning, God created male and female. We are here because of a divine initiative. Sex is a human problem. We are created as relational beings. Sexuality is a part of that relationship. ...
“the Secret Of Judas” By James Robinson
“The Secret of Judas” By James Robinson “The Secret of Judas” By James Robinson “The Secret of Judas” By James Robinson Introduction The Gospel of Judas is the most remarkable of four ancient texts bound together in antiquity and, discovered in the late 1970s in Egypt. Having been stowed away in a Swiss ...
Religious Discrimination
RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION Religious Discrimination Religious Discrimination What is discrimination? Discrimination is a term derived from Latin, which means "separate," or "distinguish one thing from another,”. In other words, it can also be said that discrimination is treating people differently (i.e. injustice) for some reason that does not depend on their willingness or unrelated ...
Canterbury Tales
CANTERBURY TALES The Canterbury Tales The Canterbury Tales Introduction The Canterbury Tales is a series of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the fourteenth century. It represents the criticism on Catholic Church through various short stories. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the text in Middle English in around for the most part. The book integrates ...
Religion And Theology
RELIGION AND THEOLOGY Religion and Theology Religion and Theology Religion and sexuality Religion is simply a compilation of cultural systems, concepts and believes, while some believe that it is the other way around. Although there have been many arguments, but no one can deny the importance of religion in shaping our lives and the ...
Religious Ritual
RELIGIOUS RITUAL Religious Ritual Religious Rituals Introduction The topic is about “Religious ritual”, now we firstly need to define what we mean when we say religious rituals.”Rituals” by definition are activities and events which have some symbolic significance. This report is about the analysis of an event in the context of the mentioned articles. ...
Christmas Is Not Your Birthday
CHRISTMAS IS NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY Christmas Is Not Your Birthday Christmas Is Not Your Birthday Introduction This report will review the book “Christmas Is Not Your Birthday” by Mike Slaughter. Slaughter is the pastor of Ginghamsburg Church, located in Tipp City, Ohio.  He is widely known as an admirable speaker who is ...
Muslim Brotherhood
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Muslim Brotherhood: History and Role in the Middle East Muslim Brotherhood: History and Role in the Middle East Introduction This article examines the founding, social origins, and ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria from 1945 to 1958. The organization was influenced ideologically by the original Egyptian Brotherhood, but its founding was ...
JUDAISM Judaism Judaism Judaism is the culture of the Jews and one of the world's oldest religious traditions. The Jewish people and Judaism are theo-political phenomena in both theory and practice. The combination of theo and political expresses the comprehensive character of Judaism as a way of life and the Jews as both a people and a faith ...
ISLAM Islam Islam Islam is a worldwide religious tradition meaning submission: a Muslim has submitted to God, denoted by the Arabic name, Allah. A Muslim's faith founded upon ultimate, individual accountability. Death is a transition between this world and the next where Muslims believe injustices corrected and Allah will lead humanity to a perfected ...
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