Technology Management at Apple

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Technology Management at Apple

Technology Management at Apple


Apple Inc. is one of the leading organizations in the technology industry. As a matter of fact, the foundation stone of the company was laid down by Steve Jobs in the year 1977. Primarily the company designs the products related to computers, mobile communication, and media devices. Along with that, Apple Inc. has also reinvigorated its business strategy and has indulged itself into the development of mobile phones as well as mobile applications. Apple Inc. (Apple, 2013) is also involved itself into the development of software platforms as well as that of networking solution. The prime focus of the company hovers around the personal computers as well as related software and applications (Burgelman, Christensen, & Wheelwright, 2008).

According to the Fortune magazine in of the year 2008, Apple is most admired company in the United States of America. However, on 30th of September, 2013, Apple Inc. left behind the Coca-Cola Company as the world's most valuable brand (Shankland, 2013).

After this bigness of the brand as well as the products that Apple Inc. offers, this paper will focuses on the technology management theories that relate the mobile phone brand of Apple Inc., i.e. iPhone. In that particular regard, this paper will inculcate diversified views as well as approach that cater the specific case of Apple iPhone (Burrows, 2006).


The development in the field of technology has expedited the boundaries for entering within the market, this, however, have also had a due impact over the business operations of Apple Inc. As a matter of fact, the advancement in the digital music industry is further working in order to make the music available for the normal format in order to expand the previous domain of business and to cater a larger chunk of the market (Saxena, 2013).

They are the actual enhanced endeavours together with which in turn Apple Inc. continues its invention in addition to pattern more targeted with all the utilization of most reliable overall performance in addition to costs consistent with the inner in addition to outside the environmental progressions. Due to its exclusive abilities including invention, digital amusement, merchandise pattern, in addition to educative knowledge; the business provides performed as information from the digital way of living (Chesbrough, 2006).

Technology management is a bunch of management domain that makes the organization to manage their technological aspects in terms of its basis in order to harbinger the competitive advantage. As matters of fact, the conventional aspects which have been utilized in this particular aspect are the forecasting of technology, frame work of technology, set of technological combinations that have been used in the organization (Liftman & Zadeh, 2011, pp. 193-204).

In fact, the role of technology management in any organization is to acknowledge as well as to understand the value of the technology of the organization. Persistent innovation or development in the technology brings value as long as that particular technology provides ease or to value of the product (Luftman & Zadeh, 2011, ...
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