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Assignment on IT

This section of the online library serves the students and teachers with a wide range of IT assignments for inspiration. Students with an acquiring mind and a proactive approach learn a good deal on IT topics for assistance in their courses within high school and undergraduate IT subjects. The given section of IT assignments is not only for IT students but also for students in other respects who have IT subjects in their courses.

Computer Systems
Computer Systems Computer Systems P.1.1: The role of computer systems in different environments Introduction Computers are a General purpose machine, commonly consisting of digital circuitry, that accepts (inputs), stores, manipulates, and generates (outputs) data as numbers, text, graphics, voice, videofiles, or electrical signals, in accordance with instructions called a program (, ...
Database Design Concepts
DATABASE DESIGN CONCEPTS Database design concepts Introduction1 Discussion1 Data independence2 Security and integrity3 Minimum Redundancy4 Recoverability of the information5 Data models7 The entity-relationship model8 Entity8 Relationship8 Attribute10 ID11 Generalization hierarchy11 Conceptual design methodology12 Identify the entities12 Identify relationships14 Identify attributes and associate them with entities and relations15 To determine the domains of the attributes17 Determine the identifiers / keys17 Determine generalization hierarchies18 Draw entity relationship diagram18 Review local conceptual schema user18 Conclusion19 Database design concepts Introduction ...
Inter Organizational Cyber Security Policies
Inter organizational Cyber Security Policies Inter organizational Cyber Security Policies Online Banking As, Information remains one of the most critical asset of any organization, Banking sector is regarded as been dealing with the most sensitive information as it is accountable for handling all the sensitive data and personal details of the people. With ...
Charles Babbage
IT-Technology Task-I Charles Babbage Charles Babbage, English mathematician known as a pioneer of computer science, develops the first analytical engine, acting on the principle similar to the principles of operation of digital computers, called "mill arithmetic". This machine was to perform basic mathematical operations, store input data, intermediate and final results of the ...
Group Policy Software Deployments
Group Policy Software Deployments Group Policy Software Deployments Introduction With the increasing use of information and communication technologies in every area of life, various security issues have raised. These security issues are more serious for the companies and business organization which have to ensure data and network security. Currently, I am working ...
Telecommunication Telecommunication Description of local Land line phone system based on the following landline telephone components: Local landline phone systems are also referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It is defined by a network of carrier equipments and lines which provide telephone service to different ...
Data On Fixed Line Vs. Cellular Debate
Data on Fixed line vs. Cellular Debate Introduction1 Discussion1 Analysis of the Pros & Cons1 Network Security1 Data Speed1 Equipment Cost2 Troubleshooting2 Failover Solutions2 Recommendations for Skype-Style Service2 Conclusion3 References4 Data on Fixed line vs. Cellular Debate Introduction For the first time, the mobile (wireless) communications had beaten the fixed line networks in 2002. At that time, there were 1 billion mobile users ...
Cabling Design, Standards, Codes And Definitions
Cabling Design, Standards, Codes and Definitions Cabling Design, Standards, Codes and Definitions Organizations that influence cable plant implementation The organizations that influence cable plant implementation are as follows: ESEI (Engineering Technology Information) is a Telecommunication Engineering and IT company of the US. It has proven practices for cable plant implementation. This company has ...
Fiber Optic Connector Assembly
Fiber Optic Connector Assembly Fiber Optic Connector Assembly Fiber Optic Connector Install The tools that are needed for Fiber Optic Connector Installation are as Fiber stripper, relief-boot, curving oven, crimp-sleeve, cable jacket stripper, and Kevlar scissors. The consumable items required for Fiber Optic Connector installation are Fiber-polishing tool (including a fiber-polish abrasive pad), epoxy ...
Fiber-Optic And Copper Cable Installation Safety
Fiber-Optic and Copper Cable Installation Safety Fiber-Optic and Copper Cable Installation Safety Introduction Fiber optic and Copper Cable are the two most essential means of transmission. Copper cables have been used as the prime source of electric wiring since 1980s. Whereas on the other hand, optic fiber are relatively the recent ...
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