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Research Papers on IT

Research and Development is important within every subject and every field. IT Students from undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs are required to make a number of research papers and papers throughout their educational tenure. These IT researches require much review of the previous literature. This section of the online library has a vast range of IT research papers to study from.

Hybrid Communication Solution
HYBRID COMMUNICATION SOLUTION A Hybrid Communications Solution Involving Fiber Optics and Satellite Technology Introduction Hybrid Communication solutions are the latest technological systems designed to enhance the process of communication. These systems are not only efficient but the quickest medium for sending and receiving communicable data. The data here stands for the internet packet ...
“measuring Business Success Through The Introduction Of Information Systems”
“MEASURING BUSINESS SUCCESS THROUGH THE INTRODUCTION OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS” Abstract Information and communication technology is nowadays taken as an essential ingredient for any organization to succeed in its business in every possible aspect locally and globally. ICT has no boundaries and is being applied and adopted at very fast rate in every ...
Successful Business Management System By It
Successful Business Management System by IT Executive Summary The main objective of this report is to introduce Tablet PC's, a recent advancement in the field of information technology, which is slowly integrating into educational systems. There are two types of Tablet PC's, a slate and a convertible. These technology advancements have not ...
Information Systems Theory And Practice
Information Systems Theory and Practice Information Systems Theory and Practice Introduction The massive increase in the international clothing trade in recent years has resulted into the formation of complex information system and supply networks that were developed to aid in decision making process of the management and to increase the overall productivity ...
Cryptography Abstract In this research paper there is a discussion about cryptography and all the things related to cryptography. There is a strong discussion between conventional cryptography and public key cryptography. The paper also shows the comparison between private key cryptography and public key cryptography. The paper just shows the basics of ...
Future Trends In Information Technology
Future Trends in Information Technology Future Trends in Information Technology Technology in American Business The growth of American business has been intimately linked to technological advance. The connection between technology and business, however, has not been a simple one. The ability of American business to profit from technological advance has been ...
Information Systems Security
INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY Technical Project Paper: Information Systems Security Table of Contents Introduction2 Discussion and Analysis3 Potential physical vulnerabilities and threats:5 Potential logical vulnerabilities and threats:6 Strategy for dealing with the identified logical threats and vulnerabilities:7 Strategy for dealing with the identified physical threats and vulnerabilities:7 Conclusion9 References10 Technical Project Paper: Information Systems Security Introduction The Information Security Systems within pharmacies require extensive ...
It Services And Outsourcing
IT Services and Outsourcing IT Services and Outsourcing Introduction Outsourcing is one of the fastest emerging concepts in the international business arena. Companies having headquarters in developed countries tend to outsource their services to other firms, operational at a distant place. Outsourcing also commonly referred to as global sourcing or off shoring by ...
Information Technology Leadership
Information Technology Leadership Information Technology Leadership Q NO 3: Compare and contrast IT leadership strategies. Recommend an IT leadership strategy that would be the most effective in a business environment characterized by globalization, fierce competition, and an increasingly diverse workforce. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast different information technology ...
Technology Evaluation And Recommendation
Technology Evaluation and Recommendation Technology Evaluation and Recommendation Introduction In this study we try to explore the concept of technology in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on the evaluation of technology and its relation with how things work out in our favor. The research also analyzes many aspects ...
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