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Research Papers on IT

Research and Development is important within every subject and every field. IT Students from undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs are required to make a number of research papers and papers throughout their educational tenure. These IT researches require much review of the previous literature. This section of the online library has a vast range of IT research papers to study from.

Information Technology
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Areas of IT in Masters Level Areas of IT in Masters Level Abstract Over the past few years, degrees in the discipline of information technology have gained wide popularity. These degrees offer excellent chances of growth for an individual in the leading technological areas, such as Information and Communication technologies, and ...
Smart Phone Security Issues
Smart phone Security Issues Abstract Smart phone are getting popularity in the present ages bringing with them a number of security concerns. This research paper will explore the problems associated with the smart phones security and also recommends some solutions that are required to deal with these problems and threats. Table of ...
How The Increase In Mobile Devices Impacts The Big Wireless Service Providers
How the increase in mobile devices impacts the big wireless service providers Abstract Mobile phone is the very basic need of today. Every person uses mobile phone also uses its valuable services in their daily life. The increment in its usage is not only effects the life of the common man but ...
Microsoft And Apple
MICROSOFT AND APPLE Microsoft and Apple Microsoft and Apple Introduction Microsoft has been making the PC for about 20 years now. Macintosh Apple computers have been around longer, and were very popular before the PC, in the late 80's and early 90's. However, by the mid-90's, Macs had fallen out of style, because ...
“don’t Be Evil”? Google Corp.
“Don't be evil”? Google Corp. Abstract Google is a very well-known company worldwide, and it is very innovative and creative which is the reason why it introduces new concepts. One such concept is of the Google Maps that provides people with the access to the various routes and therefore, it plays ...
Security, Biometrics Rfid
Security, Biometrics RFID Security, Biometrics RFID Background RIFD tags, video surveillances and social networking are the technologies which can allow access to individuals to access exclusive data through various means. In RFID applications, there should be a proper step to get information (King, 2004). It is essential to consider a suitable choice. The provider ...
Communication Technology
COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Communication Technology Communication and Technology Introduction A definite trend is the convergence of nanotechnology, modern biology, the digital revolution, and cognitive sciences that will bring about tremendous improvements in transformative tools, generate new products and services, and enable opportunities to meet and enhance human potential and social achievements. Converging technologies refers to ...
It Services Outsourcing
IT Services Outsourcing Overview of IT outsourcing The concept of IT outsourcing is quite popular these days in Information Technology. IT outsourcing helps companies using modern information technology to reduce a significant portion of the cost of the full-time IT department, referring to companies that offer subscription services computers. IT ...
Social, Educational And Economical Impact Of Internet On New Millennium
Social, Educational and Economical Impact of Internet on New Millennium Social, Educational and Economical Impact of Internet on New Millennium Introduction The paper focuses on the impact of education, social aspects as well as economical impacts of the internet on new millennium in a holistic context. It attempts to highlight the concept of ...
Online Algorithms
ONLINE ALGORITHMS Amortized Complexity and Online Algorithms Amortized Complexity and Online Algorithms Introduction The notion of "algorithm" has long been familiar, not only for mathematicians. It is a conceptual framework for a variety of information processing. The ability to automate these processes is ensured by appropriate algorithms. On first acquaintance algorithms are at the ...
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