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Research Papers on IT

Research and Development is important within every subject and every field. IT Students from undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs are required to make a number of research papers and papers throughout their educational tenure. These IT researches require much review of the previous literature. This section of the online library has a vast range of IT research papers to study from.

Logical Design
Logical Design Logical Design Normalization Normalization is the logical and methodical process which has definite rules and regulations and helps in arriving durable table arrangements. The whole process of normalization is largely dependent on the knowledge of data. The goals of normalizations include the elimination of redundant data. This includes saving data into ...
Applying Information Security And Sdlc To Business
Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business In this paper, we will discuss the implementation of the new technology to a book store, Books-A-Million, by using the SDLC method. Afterwards, we will also propose a disaster recovery plan for the book store. For moving, ...
Broadband Over Power Line
BROADBAND OVER POWER LINE Broadband Over Power Line Table of Contents Abstract3 Discussion5 Present State of Wideband Approach5 Significance of Wideband Approach6 Electrical Power System8 Broadband over power lines Deployment Options11 Benefits of Broadband over Power Lines12 Advantages to Service Providers13 Advantages to Electric Instrument Producers13 Advantages to the Final Customers14 Conclusions15 References17 Abstract The propagation of the World Wide Web has centralized concentration on the ...
Analysis & Systems
Analysis & Systems Analysis and Systems Question 1: Explain polymorphism. Perform research to find four peer reviewed articles that is related to either UML The polymorphism is an important character of Object Oriented Design (OOD). However Unified Modeling Language (UML) sequence diagrams cannot describe the polymorphism, which lead to lack test data ...
Introduction Rubble Catamenias and Global Warming The policy issue discussed in this paper is about policy of confronting with debris flow and global warming. Rubble flows are a type of bulk drift that oftentimes induces major demolition in alpine regions. As detritus flows are in general the intersection of accented downfall cases, and as ...
Mobile Computing
MOBILE COMPUTING Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Introduction Technology evolves as the need to communicate grows ever larger. With faster internet providers come the need to communicate better using as many mediums as possible, be it audio, both or both. Technology has a lot of effects on our daily lives. In today's world, we are ...
Problem Statement Outline Of Dell Corporation
Problem Statement Outline of Dell Corporation Problem Statement Outline of Dell Corporation Introduction Today organizations are extremely dynamic. We can see as corporations converge towards new strategies and management models, so that old practices are obsolete in many areas. It should consolidate the strategy particular, according to some indicators. Creating competitive ...
Holy Redeemer Hospital
HOLY REDEEMER HOSPITAL Holy Redeemer Hospital Outline of the paper Introduction This part comprises of the introduction to the health care services in the United States, and the level of involvement of information technology in the health care industry. Discussion and Analysis Discusses the facts about information technology and the extent to which it is incorporated ...
Hr & Technology
HR & Technology Abstract Human Resource is indeed the backbone of any organization however, in the modern world the connotations and the methods attached to it has changed to a great deal. Today's Human Resource Department depends heavily on modern technology. This paper tends to decode the solution modern technology tends to ...
Wind Technology
Wind Technology Wind Technology Introduction Wind technology is the kinetic technology of moving air masses in the atmosphere. Since it is replenished in the short term by the action of the sun, it is one of the renewable energies. The use of wind technology using wind mills - now for generating electricity with ...
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