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Research Papers on IT

Research and Development is important within every subject and every field. IT Students from undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs are required to make a number of research papers and papers throughout their educational tenure. These IT researches require much review of the previous literature. This section of the online library has a vast range of IT research papers to study from.

Risk Management For Information Technology
RISK MANAGEMENT FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Risk Management for Information Technology Abstract The paper describes Risk Management for Information Technology. As many organizations use a combined approach, but the general and informal approaches are the methods of choice because they demand the least time, knowledge and financial resources. Economizing in this area is ...
Database Structures
DATABASE STRUCTURES Database Structures Abstract Developed in the 1960s by computer scientists who required an efficient storage and access mechanism for large data sets, database management systems (DBMS) have become a core component of present-day information systems. Database technology drives billions of transactions each day, from grocery store purchases to Web ...
Student Guide Website
Student Guide Website Abstract The aim of the writer is to determine and address the web based student support system with respect to its design and evaluation. Web based student support system will be significant for the day to day activities of new students in Huddersfield and its university. Furthermore, the ...
Information Technology & Bangladesh Businesses
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & BANGLADESH BUSINESSES Effects of Information Technology Management in Bangladesh Business Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Abstract The impact of information technology can be seen in all aspects of life. Particularly the actual effect can be viewed in businesses that undergo a drastic change due to information technology. Nowadays, it ...
Systems, Process & Data Modeling
Systems, Process & Data Modeling Systems, Process & Data Modeling Introduction Process modeling, as well as the name implies has 2 aspects that define it: modeling and processes. Often, systems, processes and sub assemblies integrated into an organization, are difficult to understand, comprehensive, complex and confusing, with multiple points of contact between themselves ...
VIRTUALIZATION Server and Application Virtualization Including Cloud Concept Abstract This project was based on a practical in which an analyst may convert one desktop/Laptop in to 4 different server with Server OS of win2008 by doing a virtualization. Any one application will be loaded on one server, will configure Windows AD on ...
Virtual Network With Cloud Computing
VIRTUAL NETWORK WITH CLOUD COMPUTING Virtual Network With Cloud Computing Virtual Network With Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud Computing is the culture of outsourcing some part of company's technology to a common 3rd party setting. The terminology is new, but the concept is not fresh. In the past, matching contributions were known as Application ...
Managing Information
MANAGING INFORMATION Managing Information - Critical Evaluation of Relevant Issues Managing Information - Critical Evaluation of Relevant Issues Introduction Organizations often used information systems to increase their overall efficiency and for better management of routine activity. At a Strategic level, objective of the operations management involves finding a sustainable competitive advantage for the ...
Information Systems
INFORMATION SYSTEMS Information Systems Abstract The information has come forth as a factor of consolidation and the facilitate of latest aggressiveness for organizations of the modern era worldwide. All the same, question is, has the image of tactical development altered significantly to affirm the latest function of information systems and knowledge? Strategic planning process and ...
Hardware Inputs
Hardware Inputs Abstract The popularity of wireless and mobile computing technology in the recent year has encourage the business organizations to migrate their computing infrastructure from tradition wired desktop computers to wireless and portable computing devices such as notebooks. The more flexibility and usability portable computer bring about, the more complex the ...
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