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Research Papers on Management

Technology management is integrated design, planning, operation, optimization and control of technological products, services and processes. Preparing a research paper is a bit tricky for many students and professionals. This section of Researchomatic is presenting quality research papers written on various topics of technology management. People can easily access these research papers and can write good quality research papers on technology management.

Security Management
SECURITY MANAGEMENT Security Management and Practices Abstract With all corporate organizations utilizing corporate computing policies in their workplace, security becomes of vital importance, especially with human resource handling sensitive information of varying levels. Security management plays a valuable part for such organizations, via the collection, monitoring and analyzing data from the computer ...
. rfid Technology
. RFID Technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Introduction The radio frequency identification has been introduced for a long time but it is now becoming an integral part of the industries with related technological developments and standardised bodies. The use of RFID technology can be traced back as far as the WWII. It ...
Capstone Project: Human Resources In The Workplace, Help Or Hindrance?
Capstone Project: Human Resources in the Workplace, Help or Hindrance? Abstract The study addresses the question if human resource management is a necessity of a hurdle to management focusing on the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority. Since the nature of the research is descriptive therefore, the study uses an online ...
McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill What kinds of questions might McGraw-Hill have asked as part of determining the feasibility of the Primis idea? Be sure to address the needs of the organization, end users (sales reps., faculty, and students), IT specialists, and the groups involved in producing the finished custom books. The questions that McGraw-Hill ...
Safety Procedures
Safety Procedures Reasons that workers resist compliance to safety procedures Reasons that workers resist compliance to safety procedures Any organization in business today is at risk for accidental loss. While types of accidental losses vary, a large loss potential that many organizations face is employee injury and illness. Employee injuries and illnesses ...
Technogical Impact
Technogical Impact Technology Impact on Organization Structure and Human Resource Management Technology Impact on Organization Structure and Human Resource Management Abstract The influence of certain factors on the organizational components has been in researchers' focus for years, together with their impact on the overall organizational efficiency. Traditional view commonly divided the factors on internal ...
Clessie Lyle Cummins
CLESSIE LYLE CUMMINS The Contributions of Clessie Lyle Cummins in the Fields of Mechanics and Technology Abstract Clessie Lyle Cummins is the inventor of diesel engine. His invention has set the pillar for a new field of study, which is called mechanics. Despite belonging to a middle class family he has not only ...
Motivating Information System Professionals
Motivating Information System Professionals Motivating Information System Professionals Thesis Statement Successful business analysts tend to have these six character traits in them: they are multi-disciplined, they are inquisitive, they aren't easily ruffled by conflict, they think and act strategically, they are engaging, and they care about the details. Introduction Business analyst is a term that ...
Technology Management
TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Technology Management Technology Management Chronic Diseases is one very important factor leading to poor lives of Americans. It takes a huge toll on American lives. Systematic and comprehensive provision of health care services can benefit chronically ill patients. It can provide an improved health services to patients with improved clinical outcomes ...
Technology - Management
TECHNOLOGY - MANAGEMENT Improve and Control Phase in Call Center Improve and Control Phase Improve Phase The Company that is being discussed in this assignment is a call centre with a primary mission is to provide quality services to its customer and for that it need to improve the quality of its employees and ...
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