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Research Papers on Management

Technology management is integrated design, planning, operation, optimization and control of technological products, services and processes. Preparing a research paper is a bit tricky for many students and professionals. This section of Researchomatic is presenting quality research papers written on various topics of technology management. People can easily access these research papers and can write good quality research papers on technology management.

Management Of Technology
Management of Technology Abstract Recent years are assuming for most companies a huge challenge due to the need to respond to an increasingly global market, boosted by technology and, in any case, extremely competitive. The ability to take the organization to implement and maintain modern technologies efficiently and controlled, will have a ...
Electronic Medical Record
Electronic Medical Record Electronic Medical Record Introduction Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has emerged as a technological leader that supports the best workflow in clinical content. It is an electronic record related to health information of a patient that can be gathered, created, consulted and managed by doctors and nurses within a health care ...
Project Management
Project Management Project Management Introduction Hybara Casinos is a client of Driscoll Software, moved back for Driscoll's software but packed down the six week assignment carried out in two week of times. Tim's star programmer, Alessandra, give up work several months ago. She knows Hybara's players and scheme but made known she ...
Positive And Negative Aspects Of The Implementation And Use Of Maxwell’s Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership
Positive and negative aspects of the implementation and use of Maxwell's Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Positive and negative aspects of the implementation and use of Maxwell's Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Introduction The changes in global environment and the development in technology have led to a sudden and incredible increase in competition among organizations ...
Strategies For Technology-Intensive Organizations
Strategies for Technology-intensive Organizations Abstract Every emerging technology changes at a faster pace and customers find alternative technologies or high-tech products with new or improved features in comparison of the older one. This can be seen as a push for innovation on most of the technology-intensive companies as it has now become ...
Impact Of Information Technology On Management
Impact of information technology on management Abstract It won't be wrong to mark the twenty first century as the century of information technology. Information technology has played a significant role in improving the management and performance of organizations. In this paper we are going to analyze the impact of information technology ...
Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring Introduction Employee monitoring is increasingly being used by employers to increase productivity and protect company assets. It allows to control the Internet activity of their subordinates, supervising the development of relationships with clients by checking e-mail business and to establish the whereabouts of the employee who performs his ...
Computer-Assisted Maxillofacial Surgery
Computer-Assisted Maxillofacial Surgery Computer-Assisted Maxillofacial Surgery Introduction “Computer assisted navigation systems” are prevalent in the surgeries of nose, ear, orthopedics, throat and neurosurgeries (Kelly, 1995). In the arena of oral and maxilla-facial surgical treatments, the technology of navigation is generally used with triumph in “arthroscopy” of the joint between temporal bone and mandible, ...
Mobile Computing And Social Networking
Mobile Computing and Social Networking Abstract The impact of Information Technology is very obvious now on almost every field from education to medicine and engineering to chemistry. Mobile computing and social networking websites are also a great source of improvement in health care system as well as effective management of patient's records. ...
The Upgrade Of The Athlete's Shack: A World Class Company
The Upgrade of the Athlete's Shack: A World Class Company Contents Executive Summary1 Assessment for the Need of Wireless Technology1 Considerations for Deploying WLAN Solution4 Survey of Site6 Security7 Hotspot Guidelines for WLAN8 Implementing WLAN technology9 Executive Summary The Athlete's Shack (TAS) is a chain of sporting goods stores. Because TAS has grown in popularity, it now has 10 ...
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