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Research Papers on Management

Technology management is integrated design, planning, operation, optimization and control of technological products, services and processes. Preparing a research paper is a bit tricky for many students and professionals. This section of Researchomatic is presenting quality research papers written on various topics of technology management. People can easily access these research papers and can write good quality research papers on technology management.

Going Green
Going Green Going Green: Recycling Sustainability at Fort Benning at Georgia Literature Review A review of the literature shows that Fort Benning (previously Camp Benning) was named after the General Henry L. Benning. It was founded near Columbus, Georgia, during World War I. By the 1950s it had appeared as the USA's ...
Virgin Blue Case
VIRGIN BLUE CASE Virgin Blue Case Virgin Blue Case Executive Summary In this paper, I have gone through the case of “Virgin Blue” an Australian Airline. The Chief Executive Officer John Borghetti of Virgin Blue wanted to bring change within his organization. For the purpose of implementing change successfully within the organization, I have ...
Physical Security Clients Assessment
Physical Security Clients Assessment Physical Security Clients Assessment Introduction Security has been a significant issue for organizations and employees. Administrations need to ensure that they carry out comprehensive risk assessment and security concerns and address the issues by implementing the required security systems. Physical security system is an integral part of an organization, ...
Recovery Measures
Recovery Measures Abstract In this paper, there is a discussion about the primary goals of information security, identification of main types of risks associated with information system, attacks on Information Systems, and Various controls against risks, Recovery measures and conclusion. Contents Recovery Measures1 1 1 Introduction4 Discussion4 Goals of Information Security4 Risks5 Risks to Hardware5 Risks to Data and Application5 Disasters6 Controls7 Recovery Measures8 Business ...
Benefits Of Tsa Security
Benefits of TSA Security Introduction Transportation security administration provides mandatory air cargo security requirements to the air cargo industry through procedures contained in the Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program, and the certified cargo screening program order. Most of the Transportation Security Administration's $8.1 billion 2011 fiscal budget — or about 71 percent ...
Factors Affecting Unisys
Factors Affecting Unisys March 9, 2012 Mrs. Joyce Lopez Management Department Missouri State University 901 South National Avenue Springfield, MO 65897 Dear Mrs. Lopez: Factors Affecting Unisys Mrs. Lopez, here is the report you requested on factors that have positively and negatively affected Unisys over the last five years. Purpose and Method The purpose of this report was to determine ...
Current Information And Communication Technologies
Current Information and Communication Technologies Current Information and Communication Technologies Introduction It is highly required to implement advance technologies in nursing practice for bringing up-to-date improvement. In order to identify the importance of these technologies and their impact in nursing practice, two articles are discussed here. Discussion Article No.1: Examination of wireless technology to ...
Physical Security Perimeter Policy
PHYSICAL SECURITY PERIMETER POLICY Physical Security Perimeter Policy Abstract The paper describes the importance of security perimeter and its implications. As the main objectives of perimeter security systems are to detect and apprehend the offender before its interception. The paper also describes its principle and components of the security perimeter.Perimeter security ...
Paper Summaries
PAPER SUMMARIES Paper Summaries An important task of modern Geostatistical modeling to the uncertainty of the geological systems requires quantification. Various methods or models are presented in this research article. It is integral to note that in order to quantify, “Geostatistical Model” requires lots of input or input parameters. The ...
Case Study
CASE STUDY The Hovey and Beard Company Case The Hovey and Beard Company Case Introduction The Hovey and Beard Company is a manufacturer of wooden toys from different kinds: wooden animals, toys and similar traction. Some manufacturing the process involves spray paint on toys partially assembles and placing them on hooks phones ...
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