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Assignment on Science

Science assignments can get very complicated and difficult. This is because these assignments are very tricky. However, Researchomatic has one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its assignments on science and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Science students from all around the world can access these assignments for inspiration.

Electronic Patient Record System
ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORD SYSTEM Electronic Patient Record System Electronic Patient Record System Introduction The NHS Information Authority's Framework of Headings project intents to provide a solution to the concerns of distributed databases and electronic data interchange as these serve to a great extent in the institution of an electronic patient record system. The purpose ...
Homework #8
Homework #8 Introduction There is a drastic shift in the global business scenario as innumerable businesses are now focusing on the producing green products or environment- friendly products. There are various technologies that are being used for solutions to environmental products. Solutions to Environmental Problems Recyclable Products  Recyclable products include many types of plastics, textiles, glass, paper, electronics, ...
Orbital And Outer Space
ORBITAL AND OUTER SPACE Orbital and Outer Space Orbital and Outer Space Introduction In today's world, security remains one of the most important factors in international relations. There are new threats and risks faced by the international community as a whole and individual state in particular. In this new globalized environment, it is ...
Comparison Of Inner And Outer Planets
Comparison of Inner and Outer Planets Comparison of Inner and Outer Planets Comparison of Inner and Outer Planets The division of the planets of the solar system into inner planets and outer planets refers to the appearance of two groups of planets. Both these groups have chemical structure very different from each ...
Petroleum Pollution
PETROLEUM POLLUTION Petroleum Pollution International Waters, the Role of International Law and Treaties The topic of my review article is the “Petroleum pollution in international waters and the role of international law and treaties”. I have chosen the Bioremediation Journal for the publication of my article because the journal is highly ...
Fire Safety And Fire Extinguishers
FIRE SAFETY AND FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire safety and fire extinguishers Fire safety and fire extinguishers Task 1: Explosive Oxidizing Extremely Flammable Toxic Harmful/Irritant Corrosive Radioactive Task 3: A: Drilling aluminium While drilling equilibrium, I took certain personal protective equipments (PPE) that included gloves, safety eyeglasses and hardhat Acid etching a PCB: Using a soldering iron: I wore appropriate personal ...
Standardized Testing
STANDARDIZED TESTING Standardized testing Standardized testing Introduction Standardized testing has been an integral part of the American education system since the mid-19th century. Current examples of Standardized testing include the Stanford Achievement Test, which is used to assess students; the ACT college entrance examination; and the United States Medical Licensing ...
Science Meets Real Life
SCIENCE MEETS REAL LIFE Science Meets Real Life Science Meets Real Life Part I Introduction A scientific method is a procedure utilized to methodically examine observation, solve a problem, and test hypothesis. It is the process through which experiments are conducted which can be used come up with certain observations to solve problems ...
Critical Analysis
Critical Analysis Critical Analysis Critical Analysis Introduction Electrical and electro-thermal methods such as microwave, Ohmic heating and pulsed electric field are extremely interesting processes in foods and bio materials processing. Ohmic heating is a novel direct heating method as electrical currents pass through apricots to heat them. Most of The foods contain ionic components such as salts and acids. Although Ohmic heating has ...
Computers Part Of Everyday Life
COMPUTERS PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE Science behind Fast Computing Introduction As a society, we have made a relatively quick transition from the Industrial revolution right into the Computer Revolution. Not to mention that Computer revolution has completely embraced us as almost every aspect of our lives is directly or indirectly connected to ...
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