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Research Papers on Science

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all science subjects. These research papers require extensive research and reviewing the past literature related to the topic. This section of Researchomatic therefore comprises of research papers specifically on science topics in order to ease the process of research for students.

ASTROBIOLOGY A Brief History of Astrobiology Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion4 What questions Astro - biologist try to solve?6 Study the past to understand the future11 Modern Astrobiology12 Objectives14 Conclusion14 A Brief History of Astrobiology Introduction The subject of astrobiology is of great interest to a wide variety of public audiences, and this interest is likely to grow as astrobiology investigations ...
Artificial Gravity & System Design
ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY & SYSTEM DESIGN Design, Development & Implementation of System-Human Traveling To Mars Abstract Artificial gravity (AG), as a means of preventing physiological deconditioning of astronauts during long-duration space flights, presents certain special challenges to the otolith organs and the adaptive capabilities of the CNS. The key issues regarding the choice of ...
Japanese Law
JAPANESE LAW Human Rights and its significance in Japanese Law The moral and ethical issues brought about by the technology and how the country has dealt with these issues in Japan Annotated Bibliography BJ George JR. (1990) Rights of the criminally accused Retrieved November 2, 2011from§ion=2 This article implies the understanding and comprehension of ...
Mayan Culture And Astronomy
MAYAN CULTURE AND ASTRONOMY Mayan Culture and Astronomy Mayan Culture and Astronomy Introduction The best description of the extensive knowledge of the Maya in the field of astronomy, and the wonder of their civilization cannot be better described than in the story of Augusto Monterroso called the Eclipse. When Fray Bartolome felt lost ...
Eco Solar Green Home
Eco Solar Green Home Eco Solar Green Home ABSTRACT Solar energy may be regarded as energy from the sun. The radiations from the sun can be transformed and used as a renewable source of energy. Solar collection is the process of converting these radiations emitted from the sun to the earth ...
Chicago Research Paper
Chicago Research Paper Outline Introduction Background One of the most essential satellite communication systems is the Military satellite communication; it has become essential over the passage of time because the war fighter see the enemies through the satellite system. Also, known as the fog of war this system provides the United States of America's military with ...
TECHNOLOGY Technology for Older Adults [Name of the Institute] Technology for Older Adults Introduction Technology has changed the life of every individual. Sometimes the impact of technology is good and in some cases, it is worst. But how can be technology added to achieve quality life of older adults? Existing in known, comfortable and safe ...
Micro-Organisms Intentional Use of Micro-Organisms Intentional Use of Micro-Organisms Introduction Bioterrorism act can extend the basis of using biological weapons to intentional use from simple deception. A number of nations are trying to acquire biological warfare agents. Main objective of using micro-organisms is to bring about ill effects or death to humans, livestock, ...
Science Meets Reality
SCIENCE MEETS REALITY Science Meets Real Life Science Meets Real Life Introduction Science has become an essential ingredient of human's lives, one we can certainly not live without. With all its profound blessings and virtues, life becomes easy and convenient. While the concept of scientific methods mean differently in different scenarios, let us ...
Atom Bomb
ATOM BOMB The Creator of the Atom Bomb The Creator of the Atom Bomb Introduction This paper will discuss the creator of the Atom Bomb. The young Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity, discovered the equation E = mc2 and clarified the foundations of quantum mechanics. The atomic bomb and nuclear energy were ...
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