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Research Papers on Science

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all science subjects. These research papers require extensive research and reviewing the past literature related to the topic. This section of Researchomatic therefore comprises of research papers specifically on science topics in order to ease the process of research for students.

MITOEVE Mitochondrial Eve (MitoEVE) Mitochondrial Eve (MitoEVE) Introduction In the field of human genetics, Mitochondrial Eve (MitoEVE) refers to the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of modern humans. In other words, she was the woman from whom all living humans today descend, on their mother's side, and through the mothers of those ...
Environmental Science And Environment
Environmental Science and Environment Abstract Environment benefits are essential to the comfort of all populace across the world. ecology services are the advantages that populace get from ecological units, together with provisions, a stable delivery of pure water, therapeutic materials, amusement, and fortification from natural dangers for instance torrents. Human welfare consists ...
NEUROLEADERSHIP Real world approach to Neuroscience Abstract The study that is the real world approach to Neuroscience is related to the improving nutrition, posture and awareness of the mind on leadership performance using mindfulness techniques for stress, communication and focus or engagement in different activities like leadership performance. This study is based ...
Remote Door Lock Circuit Of An Apartment
Remote Door Lock Circuit of an Apartment Introduction When it comes to your safety while in your apartment, electric door locks or power door locks are very important. Door manufacturing companies provide their customers with the option of purchasing the electronic equipment of the door with electric door locks. To avoid any ...
Animal Mimicry
Animal Mimicry Animal Mimicry MIMICRY: The Strategy of Deception This word comes from the greek mimetizo which means "imitate" and indeed it is the art of hiding in a context to avoid being seen by potential enemies or potential prey. Many animals and plants deceive us, appearing different from what they really are. Butterflies ...
Diode Laser
DIODE LASER Diode Laser Diode Laser Introduction The diode laser is the most important of all lasers, both by economic standards and by the degree of its applications. Its main features include rugged structure, small size (250 × 10 × 50 µm), high efficiency, direct pumping by low-power electric current (typically 15 milliamperes at ...
Happy Pamps
Happy Pamps Key features of the product The are two key features of the product. Firstly, it does not allow the wearer to feel any moisture once the child has passed urine/stool (Hoeger, Stark & Jost). This is because of the fact that the pamper is extra thick and contains a special ...
Nuclear Energy
NUCLEAR ENERGY Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Introduction As generally used, energy produced by using the radioactive decay of heavy elements, particularly uranium and plutonium, as a heat source. All nuclear energy installations function in approximately the same way. The heart of the installation is the chamber where the radioactive decay takes place, known ...
Left Brain Vs. Right Brain
Left Brain vs. Right Brain [Name of the Author] [Name of the Institute] Abstract The research report covers the core concepts of neuroscience. It also explains the relationship between different sections of brain. Details about the hemispheric dominance that how the right side of the brain works against the left side is also included. ...
Space Travel To Mars
Space Travel to Mars Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion4 Planning of individual nations and organizations4 Europe4 United States4 Russia5 India6 Goals for a future mission6 The space motion sickness7 Physiology8 Psychology9 Weakening of the bones9 Muscle atrophy10 Action on the cardiovascular system11 Decrease in the number of red blood cells12 Weakened immune system12 Risks13 Mission Scenarios14 Action on the respiratory system15 Artificial gravity: the final solution to all your problems?15 Danger from ...
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