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Research Papers on Science

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all science subjects. These research papers require extensive research and reviewing the past literature related to the topic. This section of Researchomatic therefore comprises of research papers specifically on science topics in order to ease the process of research for students.

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Isaac Newton Everyone knows that there are many hypotheses about the emergence of life on Earth. All hypotheses can be summed up in two theories theory of evolution and theory of creationism. As, it can be seen the evolution and creationism are just theories that have no scientific proof ...
Seed Germination
SEED GERMINATION Seed Germination Seed Germination 1. Introduction Problem Statement Three laboratory experiments were carried out to answer certain important questions related to the use of 'photo control' as a weed-control strategy. The first experiment documented that seeds of Rumex obtusifolius L. and Silene noctiflora L. germinated more slowly in total darkness than after a ...
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Nuclear plant A nuclear plant is a power generation plant in which normal generation source is heat reactor. It encompasses of a conventional thermal power station that generates steam through heat energy, that drives a steam turbine which is connected to generator, that generator produces electricity. According to the European ...
Jungian Active Imagination And Emdr
Jungian Active Imagination and EMDR Jungian Active Imagination and EMDR Essay 01- Kuiken Study According to Kuiken Study, which deals with the question about the relationship between dreams and active imagination? Like the dream is also a gateway to the subconscious active imagination.Modern research of the natural sciences, particularly physics opens, even the ...
Abstract Recommendation systems have emerged as a useful e-commerce tool to assist customers in making purchases based on similarities and preferences of others. They require some basis for making recommendations ranging simply from past behaviors to complicated algorithms based on demographic and personality information. This study compares and contrasts the Big ...
Speed And Velocity
SPEED AND VELOCITY Speed and Velocity [Writer`s Name] [Institutes` Name] Speed and Velocity Introduction Speed Continuing with this small study of different conditional capabilities basic to the development of physical fitness is now the turn of speed, it is defined as the ability to perform motor actions in minimum time, these actions are usually short-lived, produce no ...
Biometrics Abstract The world is facing rapid changes in every field of technology. Techniques that were in use formerly are now becoming obsolete, and thus they need to be replaced by some new one. The new technology must incorporate features which can face and manage the current scenario of the world. Emerging ...
Women And Science
WOMEN AND SCIENCE Women in Engineering, Science and Technology Table of Contents Introduction1 Discussion1 Women, Science and Engineering2 Account of Some Professional and Influential Women3 Ellen Swallow Richards4 Barbara Johnson4 Stephanie Kwolek4 Lise Meitner5 Lillian Gilbreth5 Katherine Stinson6 Marie Curie6 Caroline Herschel7 Behavior of Women in Higher Technical Education and Tuition8 Women Engineering Promoted9 Conclusion10 Bibliography11 Women in Engineering, Science and Technology Introduction The low visibility of women in ...
Animal Bio Tech
Animal Bio Tech Transgenic Animals Unlike plant biotechnology and recombinant organisms (GMOs) that already apply to some sectors of production, the benefits it can offer the modification of animals through genetic engineering is in its infancy. However, important developments are already underway, and Argentina is one of the leading countries in this ...
The Eye Cells
THE EYE CELLS How To Create A Unit Inspired By The Eye Cells How To Create A Unit Inspired By The Eye Cells Above is a diagram of the eye, it shows all of the major components. Now, here is some more information about the function of some of the individual parts ...
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