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Research Papers on Web Design

Web Design is a booming field ever since the advent of internet. Marketing through soft media is becoming the most popular method of marketing. This boom over the time has also increased the scope, awareness and diversification of the field. Web design students have to produce certain research projects and subsequent reports in their high school and under graduate programs. This section hence provides these students with web design research reports for inspiration, assistance and study.

Pizzahut.Com - Website Design Analysis
Rating - Website Design Analysis - Website Design Analysis Introduction Internet is a cyber world where web pages are the addresses of the destinations of the cyber world. A group of web pages are compiled to form a single website. Web site is a very useful tool and people use them ...
Webct Vs. Blackboard
WebCT vs. Blackboard Abstract This research paper showed the information about course management solutions such as WebCT and Blackboard, and how these solutions are serving educational institutes. There is also discussion about the comparison between WebCT and Blackboard. In the end, there is a conclusion which shows that both course management solutions ...
Overview Of Rdf And Sparql
Overview of RDF and SPARQL Overview of RDF and SPARQL RDF (Resource Description Framework) A format for exchanging data on the Web, usually implemented in XML. RDF is used to create machine-readable descriptions of resources available on the Internet. RDF descriptions contain metadata, such as the author or creation date of ...
Website Using Microsoft Word
WEBSITE USING MICROSOFT WORD Building a Website Using Microsoft Word Building a Website Using Microsoft Word Introduction While it is possible to generate an HTML page with Word, it's generally recommended that you do not do so if you intend for the page to be used in any professional or widespread manner. ...
Globalized Website
GLOBALIZED WEBSITE Creating a Globalized Website Creating a Globalized Website Introduction In the modern day business world, a firm, small or large, owns a personal website, which contains necessary information for the stakeholders. Customers and partners, in the first place, look at the website to get aware of the activities that the organization performs, ...
Graphics Designing And Physics
GRAPHICS DESIGNING AND PHYSICS Newton's Laws in the Graphic Designing Field and Object Animation Newton's Laws in the Graphic Designing Field and Object Animation Introduction Physics based animation concept is emerging extensively. Many production houses are developing action and animated films based on physics based graphics animation. This defines the multitude of simulation appropriate ...
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