Technology Addiction

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Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction


The emergence and gradual rise of new technologies has been paralleled by the emergence of a new expression of an old phenomenon: The Addiction. Mobile telephony, video games, computer, Internet, chat, etc ... make out where the problem apparently. This addiction is starting to look when someone is not able to leave the compulsive use of these technological addictions deteriorate and destroy the social bonds of the person (Fackler, 2008). Addictions service to the web and / or computers in Redmond, Washington, providing care and treatment for people suffering from these problems, estimates that between 6% and 10% of the 189 million Internet users in USA, is dependent on technology.


In the olden days, people get information mainly from newspapers, pamphlets or any other written materials. But today, the number of people that are buying and using these written materials is decreasing substantially. Most of them get instant access to information within a click especially with the help of internet which is the largest source of information. It seems like electronic devices that we use frequently has became a part of our everyday life. When the person and spend more time with computers than with people of flesh and bone, or pay more attention to new gadgets that what happens in real life could be against a technological addiction concern (Young, 2007). While the Menninger Clinic provides prevention and treatment for this disorder, O'Neill considers it necessary to warn people of the danger of technological overload and promote healthier behaviors regarding the use of these devices such as self-setting guidelines and limits regarding when and how to use them. The essential thing is that they are not neglected the personal relationships face to face.

Therefore, according O'Neill is that we should completely stop using our computers or mobile phones, which can be useful, but if we must be alert to the possibility of losing them because of what happens around us (Niemz, 2005). They can be passive (to television) or active (video games or Internet). Some studies have addressed the issue of addiction to television, telephone and video games (they considered within the "gambling").

Citizens tend to fall into addictions often little known and very private. We realize mainly those that directly cause discomfort or damage to other citizens, or those whose consequences must be addressed by society, such as alcohol or drug addiction. But there are many other new and very enslaving addictions are increasing day by day, the result of social circumstances or caused by new technologies, they also help hide situations personal loneliness or isolation (Glenn, 2004). This addiction to new technologies can result from a lack of focus or the instability of the person to so many uncertainties that need to be addressed in the present, which is especially precarious world of work.

New technologies offer many possibilities for social good, but also can enslave many people at a computer and force them into a frenzied man-machine dialogue makes spend long hours searching the ...
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