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Research Papers on Nutrition

The term nutrition implies that all the body parts be fed as per their needs. Nutrition plays an important role in preventative care and medicine. This section of Researchomatic provides to its users a plethora of research papers on nutrition. The research papers cater different topics, researches and advancements in the field from knowledge on food items to various food groups and how this science helps in health care.

Nutritional Therapy For The Cancer
Nutritional Therapy for the Cancer Nutritional Therapy for the Cancer Introduction Good nutrition is essential which helps in treating the cancer patients; it helps in curing both the illness and treatment affect the hunger. The treatment of cancer also had an impact on the capacity of the body to absorb the certain foods ...
Allergic Reactions To Food
ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO FOOD Allergic Reactions To Food Allergic Reactions To Food Introduction Food allergies are the body's abnormal responses to harmless foods; the reactions are caused by the immune system's reaction to some food proteins. Food allergies are often confused with food intolerance. However, the two conditions have different causes and produce ...
Kidney Yin Deficiency
Kidney Yin Deficiency Kidney Yin Deficiency Introduction In recent years, great progress has been made in studies on the nature of kidney deficiency syndromes. But many problems have not been solved yet. For example, in the study on the specific indexes for the kidney-yang deficiency syndrome, the same results of urine 24h 17-hydroxyl-steroid ...
Donor Human Milk Program
DONOR HUMAN MILK PROGRAM Implementation of a Donor Human Milk Program in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ABSTRACT The feeding of human milk (milk from the infant's own mother; excluding donor milk) during the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) stay reduces the risk of costly and handicapping morbidities in premature infants. The ...
Cholesterol In Irish Population
CHOLESTEROL IN IRISH POPULATION Cholesterol in Irish Population Cholesterol Cholesterol is an organic compound with a hydrophobic tail. Hydrophobic signifying that that it does not like water; this means that it is not soluble in water or in the blood. The molecular formula of cholesterol is C27H46O.Cholesterol contains steroid rings with a hydroxyl ...
Dong Quai Root
Dong Quai Root Abstract Herbs are an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a rich source of unique chemicals. Among the medicinal herbs, Dong Quai is the most popular used in Chinese medicine. The main compounds found in the acetone extract of Dong Quai (AS-AC) are ferulic acid, ...
Vitamin/Mineral Supplements And Their Potential Health Risks
Vitamin/mineral supplements and their potential health risks Abstract In this research paper the potential risk factors are highlighted due to the excessive use of mineral and vitamin supplements. These supplements are of great importance for us only when we badly need them otherwise they do not provide any positive effects on human ...
Food Borne Illness
Food borne Illness Food borne Illness Biological Contamination Biological contamination is caused by the presence of microbes, fungi and / or their toxins in foods. This is a very common type of contamination for the home and in restaurants. It is usually the main cause of food-borne diseases and therefore is the type ...
Risks In Vitamins Supplements
Risks in Vitamins Supplements [Name of the institute]Risks in Vitamins Supplements Introduction In today's accelerating very fast-paced world, we do not consume a proper diet all the time. Our bodies need proper nutrition in order to work correctly. Our bodies need adequate vitamins necessary for smooth functioning of various systems of the body. ...
Anorexia Anorexia Introduction This paper will describe facts and figures related to the disease Anorexia. The paper will give details about the disease, its characteristics, its effects and how it could be treated. This paper will help anyone to get the basic information about the disease and how it could be cured. Definition As used ...
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