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Research Papers on Nutrition

The term nutrition implies that all the body parts be fed as per their needs. Nutrition plays an important role in preventative care and medicine. This section of Researchomatic provides to its users a plethora of research papers on nutrition. The research papers cater different topics, researches and advancements in the field from knowledge on food items to various food groups and how this science helps in health care.

Nutrition For Nursing
Nutrition for Nursing Nutrition for Nursing Introduction The nursing field is an emotionally and physically demanding field. A nurse is responsible for carrying out various activities at a time for instance; floor nursing, surgical nursing, intensive care and clinical nursing etc. All the jobs require energy for carrying out functions within ...
Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Treatment Of Food
Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Treatment of Food Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Treatment of Food Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Treatment of Food The Purpose of Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Bacteria populate our bodies, our food and our habitats and the balance between a symbiotic and a parasitic relationship is an important one. In an attempt to have ...
Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding Abstract Breast feeding provides various benefits for both the mother and child's health. It is vital for the infant and helps in making them stronger and healthier. In the paper there are different benefits of breastfeeding discussed in perspective of mother, infant and the society. It also explains the ...
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
High-Fructose Corn Syrup Abstract There has been some confusion in relation with the High-Fructose Corn Syrup and table sugar in some circles. This paper aims to investigate the difference between the two sweeteners, their chemical formation and their function. Table of Contents Abstract2 Introduction4 Discussion4 Conclusion6 References7 High-Fructose Corn Syrup Introduction The topic has been chosen from the book - Omnivore`s ...
Cancer And Diet
CANCER AND DIET Cancer and Diet Introduction In recent year, advances in cancer treatment have increased the number of cancer survivors. The five year survival rate for all the cancers are 64% with much higher survival rate of some types of cancers (e.g. breast cancer, 88%, prostate cancer 99%). Increase in cancer ...
Child Food Safety
Child Food Safety Research Problem There is a growing interest of the food safety among children. The different childcare companies and agencies are paying utmost importance to the food safety. According to the results of the federal data, one in the six American children gets ill because of the use of the ...
Oral Health And Systemic Disease
Oral Health and Systemic Disease Summary The article discusses the link between oral health and systemic diseases. Oral health has been the center of attention for many researches during last 25 years, which has helped much to highlight the importance of oral health among public. Particularly, most of the researches have ...
Effects Of Low Carbohydrate Diets On Exercise Performance
Effects of Low Carbohydrate Diets on Exercise Performance Abstract This research papers provides a broader perspective on the probable effects of low carbohydrate diets on exercise performance. This paper is mainly based on seven studies, which contain immense information on the subject matter. The paper also identifies the purpose of the ...
The Fight For Women’s Health
The Fight for Women's Health The Fight for Women's Health Date xy-xy-xyz Department of Health and Social Care Address XYZ Subject: Addressing the issues on the subject of women's health, agriculture and food issues and women's rights Dear Sir, This letter is about the health, fitness and food security issues of the women. In rural areas, there ...
Alcohol And Drug Abuse
Alcohol and Drug abuse Alcohol and Drug Abuse INTRODUCTION Alcohol and drug abuse is primarily a disease which is characterized by the person who is suffering from the alcohol and the drug abuse who drinks daily. In the face of its negative effects on the work of an individual legal, educational, medical ...
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