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Research Papers on Nutrition

The term nutrition implies that all the body parts be fed as per their needs. Nutrition plays an important role in preventative care and medicine. This section of Researchomatic provides to its users a plethora of research papers on nutrition. The research papers cater different topics, researches and advancements in the field from knowledge on food items to various food groups and how this science helps in health care.

Cultural And Value Beliefs Of Nutrition In Regards To African American
Cultural and Value Beliefs of Nutrition in Regards to African American Cultural and Value Beliefs of Nutrition in Regards to African American Abstract As nutrition professionals, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to establish rapport with clients when providing education. We can complement this strength by understanding the influence of ...
Electrolytes And Weight Loss
Electrolytes and Weight Loss Electrolytes and Weight Loss Introduction Electrolytes are the forms of salts that are dissolved in fluids, as well as, water. They have electric charge in them and the positively charged ions are known as cations, whereas, the negatively charged ions are known as anions. The human body consists of ...
Nutrition And Physical Activity
Nutrition and Physical Activity Introduction Proper Exercise and realistic nutritional plans go hand in hand when it comes to living healthy life-style. To design a good nutritional plan one should have certain health goals in mind. The health goals I have in my mind are: To reduce weight To reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases To ...
Genetically Modified Organism
Genetically Modified Organism Introduction There has been a great surge in the protest levels of genetically modified foods by the environmental organizations and public interest groups. The genetically modification of food crops and animals is considered extremely bad and for 25 years now this procedure is on. There has been a ...
Vitamins And Dietary Food Supplements
Vitamins and Dietary food Supplements Abstract This research paper represents the information related to vitamins and dietary food supplements. This paper aims to present the sources, classification of vitamins with its daily intake and risks of excessive use. This paper also discusses the basic features and health hazards of dietary food supplements ...
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet Abstract This research paper focuses on the balanced diet, the changes in dietary pattern with age and disease condition, and diabetes mellitus. 4.1 Balanced Diet A balanced diet is the one that supplies the human body with proper nourishment by the supplementation with essential elements necessary for growth and development with proper ...
Fast Food
FAST FOOD Issues of Fast Food on Health Issues of Fast Food on Health Introduction This is our duty to take of our health and for this reason food plays an important role to maintain the health. Fast food is a type of food which involves heavy amount of fats and protein. The ...
Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified Organisms Introduction Genetically Modified Organisms are those organisms whose genetic material altered by means of genetic engineering techniques. Those organisms which had been genetically modified comprises of micro-organisms like yeast and bacteria, insects fish, plants and mammals. In orders words, they are the main sources of genetically ...
Personal Fitness And Wellness For Optimal Living
Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living3 Introduction3 Discussion4 Physical Activity4 The importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle4 Benefits of moderate physical activity5 Difference of physical activity from formal exercise6 Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity in adults, older adults, children, and ...
Chronic Illness
Chronic Illness Reduction of Chronic Illness in Aging First Initial EBP Question What are the measures and steps required to reduce the chronic illness among the aging people? Implementation of a Strategy Overview of the topic It has been estimated that by 2030, all those adults who are 65 years or older are ...
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