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The major counseling words include counsel, wisdom and help while the addiction words include wine, desire, and restraint. Psychology is defined as an academic discipline involving the scientific study of mental processes and behavior, and applying that knowledge on the different spheres of human activity. Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and to think clearly and logically. This is a very important skill, and can be used for the development and expression of wisdom. With regards to help, it has been advised that one should provide help and assistance to the people who are in need. This is important because not every individual is blessed with the best things in life. Human beings get addicted to wine, however, it has been advised that should not over consume it because it is at times bad for health and also enables a man to lose consciousness. Choice is given the importance in Christian life, and they can opt for good or evil. Seven principles of the Kingdom of God as told by Jesus and found in the Gospels. An individual cannot get anything he wants and this is because of the restrictions that have been laid by the Old and the New Testament. Therefore, man must do and practice good and attain good things in life by restraining himself from bad and wrong doings.



This paper has been written with regards to biblical word study with regards to counseling that has been done. The major counseling words include counsel, wisdom and help while the addiction words include wine, desire, and restraint.


Biblical Words Related to Counseling

Counsel - Old and New Testament

According to the New Testament, consultancy refers to something that focuses on an individual's problem, concluded in a certain time frame, being together with the individual to help him solve a specific problem, or they claimed when it is impossible to solve in a short time to understand the need for long-term therapy. Therefore, counseling helps to increase motivation to change their own personality, problem-solving, promotes self-esteem, better awareness of resource discovery and client. It is planned to move from symptom to his reasons, restored hope to the possibility of customer changes, the trust is established the client to the consultant. Consultancy is a relationship in which the consultant shows a high level of non-proprietary heat, sincerity and sensitivity, understanding thoughts and feelings of the client. Moreover, it is a relationship in which one participant said that was happening to him and the other shows such acceptance, which helps to more functional use of the hidden resources of the individual. Counseling also refers to helping someone in the investigation of the problem, clarifying the conflict issues and alternative ways to open their consideration so as to solve the problem, ie that man was able to help himself (Blue Letter Bible, 2012).

According to the New Testament many people in the world are selfish and they just care about themselves. This is the reason why they do not care ...
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