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Assignment on Theory

An assignment on finance theory needs to focus on a host of concepts which may either cater the basic budgeting concepts or more complex issues regarding corporate value. In this section of Researchomatic you will find a range of dissertations on finance theory which focus on various topics ranging from corporate finance to personal finance. This collection has been compiled carefully to bring to you the most informative data.

Marketing Financial Services
MARKETING FINANCIAL SERVICES Marketing Financial Services Marketing Financial Services Introduction The study is related to the marketing strategies of financial services companies. The study gives information on what product managers working in the financial services industry, may form the basis of their marketing plans. It describes developments in the marketing planning of the ...
Mezzanine Financing
MEZZANINE FINANCING Mezzanine Financing Mezzanine Financing Introduction Mezzanine financing offers a way for publicly and privately held companies to attain financing without going public and potentially ceding ownership of their company. It is a blend of traditional debt financing and equity financing, reaping some benefits of both. Like equity financing, mezzanine financing is ...
Slp- Initial Public Offerings
SLP- INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS SLP- Initial Public Offerings SLP- Initial Public Offerings Introduction Vonage Holdings Corporation is a major player in the Fixed Line Telecommunications industry. It provides broadband communication services and devices throughout the world. The company has networks like VoIP and SIP. The company offer internet connectivity and enhance features ...
Fdi And Saudi Arabia
FDI AND SAUDI ARABIA Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Aims/ objectives The aim of this study is to know, what are the important determinants of Foreign Direct Investment for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Direct ...
Financial Theory
FINANCIAL THEORY Finance Theory TABLE OF CONTENTS Part A - Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach5 1. INTRODUCTION5 1.1 Topic chosen5 1.2 Reason for Choosing Topic5 1.3 Aims and Objective of the report7 PART 2 - INFORMATION GATHERING AND ACCOUNTING/BUSINESS TECHNIQUES9 DATA MINING:9 2.1Sources of Information9 2.2 Methods Used in Information Gathering:10 PART 3 - RESULT, ANALYSIS, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATION11 3.1. BUSINESS ...
Financial Management
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Efficient Market Hypothesis Efficient Market Hypothesis Part I: Three forms of market efficiency Investors of the stock market make their investments not only in the hope of making profitable returns but also in the hope of beating the market. Eugene Fama in the year 1970 gave the famous ...
Financial Reporting
FINANCIAL REPORTING The Pros and Cons of Regulation of Financial Reporting Table of Contents Introduction2 Advantages of Regulation of Financial Reporting2 Accountability2 Transparency2 Integrity2 Liquidity Position2 Efficiency in Performance2 Reduces the Probability of Agency Conflicts2 Promotes Corporate Governance2 Disadvantages of Regulation of Financial Reporting2 Manipulation in the Accounting Numbers2 Capital Resource Misallocation2 Waste of Government Resources2 Disclosure of Confidential Information2 Excessive Regulations2 Ineffective Implementation of the Regulations2 Criticism ...
Role Of Financial Manager
Role of Financial Manager [Name of the Instructor] Role of Financial Manager Introduction It is really important for any organization to have specific goals and strategies in order to survive in the dynamic environment. Organization' investment goals, operational goals and financial policies all work in a balanced method to attain the primary objective ...
Solicitation Strategies
SOLICITATION STRATEGIES Solicitation Strategies for Small and Medium Donors Solicitation Strategies for Small and Medium Donors Introduction Solicitation Strategies are required for every nonprofit organization. American Association for Cancer Support Incorporation is a cancer relief nonprofit organization that works for the cancer patients. It does not consider the age or the cancer for treating ...
ETHICS Ethics in the Financial Planning profession Ethics in the Financial Planning profession Summary of the Issue Enron was considered to be one of the most acknowledged companies of USA, but it was collapsed due to his executive unethical practices. Enron declared chapter 11 bankruptcies on December 2,201.This bankruptcy was regarded as the ...
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