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Assignment on Theory

An assignment on finance theory needs to focus on a host of concepts which may either cater the basic budgeting concepts or more complex issues regarding corporate value. In this section of Researchomatic you will find a range of dissertations on finance theory which focus on various topics ranging from corporate finance to personal finance. This collection has been compiled carefully to bring to you the most informative data.

Financial Management
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial Management and Analysis Executive Summary The report provides an analysis and evaluation of the investment banking function, treasury and finance function and effect of inflation on the required rate of return and the approaches used to evaluate projects in an inflationary environment. The report begins with a brief discussion ...
Financial Institution Assignment
FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ASSIGNMENT Financial Institution Assignment Financial Institution Assignment Country Introduction Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated and poorest countries in the world. Its predominantly agricultural economy, with over 60 percent of the population employed in the sector, is vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding and cyclones. ...
Venture Capital Investment
Venture Capital Investment Venture Capital Investment Introduction A kind of financial capital, venture capital is the high risk, high growth and high potential capital given to the early start up companies. Venture capital investment requires intense negotiations and private contracts between entrepreneurs and investors. In venture backed companies financial contracts contribute key part ...
Financial Contracting For Mobile Auto Dealing
Financial Contracting for Mobile Auto Dealing Financial Contracting for Mobile Auto Dealing Introduction Investments in newly born companies are always considered a risky business decision by many investors providing venture capital. Such a risky decision is taken only after analyzing and collecting all the relevant information and assessing the potential risks and ...
Mergers And Acquisitions
MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Mergers and Acquisitions Mergers and Acquisitions Introduction A Merger occurs when two or more corporations join together to form one company. Common examples of mergers include: Cadbury and Kraft, Exxon and Mobil and JP Morgan chase and Bank one corp. There are two common types of mergers which exist and ...
Methods Of Analysis
METHODS OF ANALYSIS Methods of Analysis Methods of Analysis Introduction Financial statement analysis is the process of examining relationships among financial statement elements and making comparisons with relevant information. There are a variety of tools used to evaluate the significance of financial statement data. Three of the commonly used tools are the ...
Unit 5 - Evaluating Performance
Unit 5 - Evaluating Performance Unit 5 - Evaluating Performance Return on Equity Return on equity is the rate at which shareholders earn interest on the common stock that they have purchased. It measures the capacity of the firm to generate profits as well as its efficiency. It shows how the company used ...
Enron Scandal And Stakeholders
ENRON SCANDAL AND STAKEHOLDERS Enron Scandal and Stakeholders Enron Scandal and Stakeholders Introduction The study is related to the Enron Scandal which has impacted various stake holders as the acts or policies that were being implemented, or followed by the Enron Corporation was to get profits from illegitimate means. Moreover, due to this scandal ...
Internal Communication
INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Measures in solving Communication problem at CSC Inc. Executive Summary The paper is an attempt to provide measures in solving communication problem at CSC Inc. The problem that the CSC faces is that there are evident communication problems that exist in the organization, which is de-motivating its employees, and also ...
Marketing Financial Services
MARKETING FINANCIAL SERVICES Marketing Financial Services Marketing Financial Services Introduction Financial marketing is a special part of the marketing of services, which is used in both product sales and in the provision of services by financial institutions.  This discipline has evolved as a result of changes in the financial sector such as the liberalization ...
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