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Assignment on Theory

An assignment on finance theory needs to focus on a host of concepts which may either cater the basic budgeting concepts or more complex issues regarding corporate value. In this section of Researchomatic you will find a range of dissertations on finance theory which focus on various topics ranging from corporate finance to personal finance. This collection has been compiled carefully to bring to you the most informative data.

Methods Of Evaluating Capital Projects
Methods of Evaluating Capital Projects Methods of Evaluating Capital Projects Introduction Capital budgeting techniques are used by the investors in order to ascertain the future prospects of a particular project. Different methods and techniques are used to assess the profitability of the budgets which will be carried out in future. Assessment ...
Financial Articles
Financial Articles Financial Articles Article One Financial attitudes and family communication about students' finances: The role of sex differences Renee Edwards, Myria Watkins Allen and Celia Ray Hayhoe (2007) Purpose The purpose of the article the financial attitudes of the family towards their children education expenses. The authors mentioned that in terms of monetary conditions, men ...
Expansion And Merger
Expansion and Merger Expansion and Merger Government Regulation in Bank Merger The success of any merger depends on a high degree of process followed, no single process that ensured in all cases, i.e., recognizes the importance of not facing a merger without having planned and coordinated the activities needed to carry out, ...
CAPM Assignment Capital Asset Pricing Model Introduction The modern theory of decision making in uncertainty introduces a generic framework for measuring risk and performance of an asset held as part of a portfolio and market equilibrium conditions. This framework is called a model of pricing of capital assets or CAPM (the Capital Asset ...
Simplified Acquisition Procedures
SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITION PROCEDURES Simplified Acquisition Procedures Simplified Acquisition Procedures Simplified Acquisition Simplified acquisition is a contracting method which seeks to reduce the amount of work the government must undertake to evaluate an offer. When choosing a vendor in simplified acquisition procurement, agencies need not bother with establishing a competitive range, formal evaluation ...
Financial Services Themes
FINANCIAL SERVICES THEMES Financial Services Themes Financial Services Themes Introduction This report explores the four key financial services themes, namely government, money markets, personal finance, and risk through the programme. Further, this report discusses the relevance of each theme to the financial services industry. Each aspect is explained of the given themes in terms ...
FINANCE Should the government provide financial assistance to people whose retirement funds were invested in the stock of companies that may have used unethical accounting practices? Introduction The study is related to, should government give financial support to the individuals whose funds of retirement were put in in the stocks who used ...
Online Banking
Online Banking Online Banking Introduction Online banking has become popular today. A study shows that, in the last two years, 76% of US households are having internet access make banking transactions over the internet in two years. The way people perform bank transactions has changed completely over the past thirty years. In ...
Bank Management Goals And Structure
Bank Management Goals and Structure Finance Theory: Bank Management Goals and Structure of Bank Management For any firm weather it's a financial institution or non financial institution, the ultimate and fundamental goal of the very existence of the organization is to maximize the shareholders value whereas, share price of the organization in secondary ...
Financial Management
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial Management Financial Management Introduction Credit ratings and financial performance directly affect the decisions of the capital structure. This paper highlights the appropriate capital structure for the companies included in the analysis. Capital structure is determined on the basis of the nature of operations, market characteristics, product offering, industry structure, ...
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