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Assignment on Theory

An assignment on finance theory needs to focus on a host of concepts which may either cater the basic budgeting concepts or more complex issues regarding corporate value. In this section of Researchomatic you will find a range of dissertations on finance theory which focus on various topics ranging from corporate finance to personal finance. This collection has been compiled carefully to bring to you the most informative data.

Us Policies
US POLICIES US Counterterrorism Policies US Counterterrorism Policies US Patriotic Act Following the terrorists attacks of 9/11, the government of United States passed the US Patriot Act of 2001 and was considered the most important legal development following 9/11. The Patriot Act comprises ten titles that specify several provisions to discourage ...
Financial Planning
FINANCIAL PLANNING Recommendation for Suitable Investment Advice & Asset Management Introduction3 Discussion3 What Are Platforms4 Overview of Wrap funds5 Overview of Fund Super Markets6 Changes to Charging Structure8 Providing Advice to Customers9 Factors to be Aware of from the Perspective of Advisor9 Risk & Return Analysis9 Personal Finance Plan10 Macroeconomic Factors10 Regulation10 Transferring12 Tax Implication12 Benefits & Drawbacks13 Part B (Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Books)14 Conclusion15 Reference16 Recommendation for Suitable ...
Black - Scholes
BLACK - SCHOLES Black - Scholes Option Pricing Model Black - Scholes Option Pricing Model Introduction Black - Scholes Option Pricing Model is the model used for calculating the premium of an option. This type of option pricing model was introduced in the year 1973 and was published in the “Journal of the ...
ASSIGNMENT 2 Assignment 2 Introduction3 Market Risk3 Equity risk3 Currency Risk3 Commodity Risk4 CapitaLand Market Risk Analysis4 Interest rate risk management4 Foreign Currency risk management5 Equity price risk management7 Credit Risk Management8 Liquidity Risk Management9 Keppel Land Market Risk Analysis10 Interest rate risk management10 Foreign Currency risk management10 Equity price risk management13 Credit Risk Management14 Liquidity Risk Management14 Alternative methods to risk management15 Butterfly Options15 Plain Vanilla method16 Evaluation of risk management ...
Financial Markets
FINANCE - FINANCIAL THEORY 2 briefing papers 2 briefing papers Briefing Paper No. 1 Financial markets are the one that provides the mechanism to the participants to fulfil their financial needs. Financial markets play a vital role in an economy. One of the important role financial markets plays is that because of their ...
Comparison of UK Corporate Governance
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Corporate Governance Introduction2 Discussion3 Part A: Comparison of UK Corporate Governance3 Examples of UK Corporate Governance4 Part B: Non-Executive Directors ( NED) in UK Corporate Governance6 Role of Non-Executive directors7 Examples of NED role in UK business8 Weakness of Corporate Governance structure UK business9 Recommendation for Good Corporate Governance in UK business10 Summary11 Conclusion11 Corporate Governance Introduction “Corporate governance is a ...
The Dividend Decision Is Unimportant To The Wellbeing Of A Comapny
THE DIVIDEND DECISION IS UNIMPORTANT TO THE WELLBEING OF A COMAPNY The dividend decision is unimportant to the wellbeing of a company The dividend decision is unimportant to the wellbeing of a company Introduction One of the most discussed issues with respect to company's responsibility towards its shareholders is of taking dividend payout ...
FEMSA [Nam of the Institution] FEMSA Introduction The Code of Ethics is an instrument that seeks to implement the principles, vision and mission of a company. It serves to guide the actions of its employees and explain the position of the company in the face of different stakeholders with whom it interacts. The content ...
Financial Decision Making
Financial Decision Making Financial Decision Making Introduction The Decision making is a necessary and vital part of everyone's life. Finance decision is all about the financial strategy of a firm. There are particular rules and regulations that need to be followed to reduce or minimize the loss. The corporate decision making is ...
Article 2
Article 2 Article 2 This article was published by American Economic Review in 2008. The article is focused on and assessed the risky choices that are made by contestants in one of the famous television game show “Deal or No Deal” and associated experiments in classroom. It argues against the customary concept ...
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