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Assignment on Theory

An assignment on finance theory needs to focus on a host of concepts which may either cater the basic budgeting concepts or more complex issues regarding corporate value. In this section of Researchomatic you will find a range of dissertations on finance theory which focus on various topics ranging from corporate finance to personal finance. This collection has been compiled carefully to bring to you the most informative data.

Financial Article
FINANCIAL ARTICLE \ Financial Article Analysis Financial Article Analysis The article that I have chosen for analysis is 'Bad Credit Loans: A fruitful monetary option'. Every day we have some problematic situation comes up, and we have overcome each situation with sensitivity. However, if you have any financial problems you always have to ...
Foreign Exchange Market
FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET Foreign Exchange Currency Market Foreign Exchange Currency Market Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the reduced risk in foreign exchange currency market using future and forward contracts. This paper makes discussion on the issue that how future and forward contracts can help in the risk reduction ...
Credit Crunch
CREDIT CRUNCH Credit crunch Credit Crunch Introduction In 2008, a new financial crisis swept the world, once again brought on in part by overzealous and irresponsible lending policies of Northern banks. The 2008 financial crisis was global in its scope and had particularly harsh impacts on First World countries, including ...
Monetary & Fiscal Policy
MONETARY & FISCAL POLICY Monetary & Fiscal Policy Monetary and Fiscal Policy Suppose the government imposes tax cuts for 95% of all households. How does this affect your firm? Tax is a phenomenon that causes its effect in more than one ways in different economic perspective. Imposition of tax will reduce disposable ...
Monetary And Fiscal Policy
MONETARY AND FISCAL POLICY Monetary and Fiscal Policy Module 3 - Case Monetary and Fiscal Policy Module 3 - Case Introduction This assignment answers the following four questions in order to display an understanding about the relationship between the supply of money and the Federal Reserve. It also aims to throw light ...
Financial Crisis
FINANCIAL CRISIS Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 The reason the central bank buys own currency or currency of other nations is to control the exchange rate. This is done when there is an excess circulation of money in the market. This excess circulation of money in the ...
Budget For Health Promotion Activity
BUDGET FOR HEALTH PROMOTION ACTIVITY Budget for Health Promotion Activity Health Promotion Activity Budget Introduction The course of the study is going to develop and critically analyze the health care promotion budget by keeping a cost benefit analysis as the base for making decision for the implementation of health care promotion activity. ...
Financial Accounting
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Financial Reporting, Analysis & Markets Competency Financial Accounting Company Profile EBay is a very famous company in USA which was established in September 1995 by the Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. Initially, he made his own personal website and gave it the name of Auction Web. All these developments took place ...
Global Adoption Of Ifrs
GLOBAL ADOPTION OF IFRS Global adoption of IFRS Global adoption of IFRS Introduction The twentieth century saw dramatic changes in the nature of national and global competition in various industries. In the past transportation, costs, trade barriers, and communication limitations meant that most industries were organized on a nationwide basis with minimal ...
Financial Reporting
FINANCIAL REPORTING Financial Reporting Financial Reporting Introduction The purpose of financial statement analysis is to determine the most effective ways of achieving profitability, and the main tasks are to analyze the profitability and financial risk assessment company. Financial statements are prepared by firms based on existing national standards and international standards developed by ...
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