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Research Papers on Geography

Students preparing research papers on the subject of geography often find it a difficult task because of the common perception of geography being such a diverse subject. However, it is essential to develop interest in the paper by stating interesting examples and statistics to convey the message to the reader. With the help of Researchomatic’s largest database of research papers, students can get help to comprehend their ideas in a better and logical manner.

“East Africa’s Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System” By James Wood And Alex Guth
“East Africa's Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System” by James Wood and Alex Guth “East Africa's Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System” by James Wood and Alex Guth I. Introduction This research paper is based on article review of “East Africa's Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System” written ...
Africa Lagos (Nigeria)
Africa Africa Lagos (Nigeria) Lagos is a port and the most popular Nigerian city. It is the largest urban zone in southwestern border of the Sahara Desert. It is also Africa's second largest city and seventh fastest growing city in the world. Lagos was Nigeria's financial and economic center in 1990 and was ...
Singapore Singapore Introduction Singapore (or Singapore) is one of three remaining city-state with supreme authority on the planet, next to the Vatican and Monaco, although it is much more extensive than their geographical companions, occupying a region that reaches 710.2 km ². It is situated on the southern tip of the Malay ...
South America Brazil
Shout America Brazil Shout America Brazil Introduction It is viewed as the fifth biggest nation on the planet both by the number of inhabitants in excess of 192 million individuals and by land region. It is a nation which is flanked by all the nations of South America aside from Chile and ...
Abstract The orangutan is a disappearing species, threatened with extinction. The ongoing loss of their habitat is the single largest threat to orangutans' population. It is estimated that if serious measures (like halting of habitat destruction, expansion of protected areas and sustainable logging practices etc.) are not taken immediately, by the ...
Plate Tectonics
Plate tectonics Plate tectonics Introduction Tectonics is that part of geology that studies the nature and causes deformation of rock. Plate tectonics is a unifying global scientific theory which proposes that the deformations of the lithosphere are connected to the internal forces of the earth and that these distortions result in ...
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan's Introduction and History Until 1991, Turkmenistan was one republic of the Soviet Turcmênia. Turkmenistan's independence was proclaimed on October 27 of 1991, under the leadership of the only presidential candidate, Saparmurat Niyazov, and the following year became the first country in Central Asia to adopt a new constitution, establishing the ...
South Asia
South Asia Introduction With its 1.6 billion people, South Asia is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It represents the paradoxes of rapid economic growth and extreme poverty, of peaceful transition to democracy and endless conflict, of growing literacy and millions of children out of school, of ...
Ozone Layer Depletion
Ozone Layer Depletion Ozone Layer Depletion Introduction In this paper, we would discuss the environmental problem related to the depletion of ozone layer and its impact on the environment and global world. The paper would also address the action which is being taken against the issue in reference to the research. Furthermore, ...
Geographical Issue
Geographical Issue Geographical Issue Introduction For this paper, we have selected the issue of climatic change. Climatic change is a global concern in Africa, and all across the world. In recent times, it is one of the basic issues that we encounter. The issues of climatic change have directly linked all ...
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