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Research Papers on Geography

Students preparing research papers on the subject of geography often find it a difficult task because of the common perception of geography being such a diverse subject. However, it is essential to develop interest in the paper by stating interesting examples and statistics to convey the message to the reader. With the help of Researchomatic’s largest database of research papers, students can get help to comprehend their ideas in a better and logical manner.

Global Warming And Its Effect On Human Life In San Francisco
Global Warming And Its Effect On Human Life in San Francisco Introduction The temperature of our planet is perfect for life. Not too cold, like Venus, or too hot, like Mars. With these conditions, the life extends everywhere. The earth receives heat from the sun some gases in the atmosphere retain it ...
Report On Data Quality For Weed Control And Groundwater Protection Project
Report on Data Quality for Weed Control and Groundwater Protection Project Report on Data Quality for Weed Control and Groundwater Protection Project Critical Review of the Methods Groundwater Contamination from the Application of Herbicides for Weed Control During the past half century has seen dramatic growth in the use of groundwater, ...
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the cultural analysis of Puerto Rico. According to the dictionary of the language of the Spanish Royal Academy, culture is a set of lifestyles and habits, knowledge and degree of artistic, scientific, industrial, in ...
A Great City: London
A Great City: London Executive Summary The paper highlights various characteristics of the city of London. London is a great city. It seems obvious that this statement corresponds to the viewpoint which goes beyond the purely referred to size. There are planes, buses, subways, bicycles, businesses which open and close businesses, ...
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Country Characteristics The Dominican Republic's political system saw transformation in 1996 after the government scheduled another presidential election following pressure from the international community which had questioned the integrity of the 1994 election results. Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) initiated bold reforms to promote both political stability ...
AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan Afghanistan Introduction In this research paper, I will exhibit about several cultural geographical themes, which can relate several contemporary issues that had happened in the particular country. The themes will in-return would help in relating to those issues and events. In today's modern world the significance of cultural and traditional values has ...
Strange Maps
Strange maps Introduction After reviewing some of the maps from the blog Strange Maps, I picked up a few maps of US that have categorized the states of US according to their best and worst features. I found these maps interesting as these turned out to be a new way of looking ...
Journal Introduction As USA is quite huge & diverse; immigrants have a remarkable variety of ways. The percentage of US people who were born abroad, with 13% higher than the rich countries' average of 8.4%. In absolute terms the gap is much wider. The foreign population of USA's born people is 38m, ...
Mexico & Investment Opportunities
Mexico & Investment Opportunities Introduction It is widely seen that the most of the countries celebrate the Independence Day on the day when these countries were actually become independent while the country “MEXICO” is little different than the rest of the world. The people of Mexico celebrate their independence day ...
Gender Equality In Sub Sahara Africa
Gender Equality in Sub Sahara Africa Gender Equality in Sub Sahara Africa Introduction Gender inequality has been recognized by researchers in the social sciences and humanities by the emergence of the concept of gender in 1980 as the basis for feminist concept (Joan Scott). Conceptualizing gender shed light on the social construction ...
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