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Research Papers on Science

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all science subjects. These research papers require extensive research and reviewing the past literature related to the topic. This section of Researchomatic therefore comprises of research papers specifically on science topics in order to ease the process of research for students.

Alexander Parkes
Alexander Parkes Alexander Parkes Introduction Plastics are considered as one of the most used materials in industries life as well as in commercial life. Plastic products are widely incorporated in today's life style and have brought a major and irreplaceable change in all areas of life. In United States, the plastic industry is ...
Demographic Transition And Its Phases In The Developing Countries
Demographic Transition and Its Phases in the Developing Countries Demographic Transition and Its Phases Introduction The population and the patterns in population of any region represent and reflect many important aspects regarding the societies in these regions. In fact, the statistics and figures of population of any region can help ...
Biotic And Abiotic Structure And Function Of Tropical Rainforest
Biotic and Abiotic Structure and Function of Tropical Rainforest Biotic and Abiotic Structure and Function of Tropical Rainforest Introduction An ecosystem can be defined as a biological community that involves the interaction of organisms with their physical environment. There are many kinds of ecosystems that include grasslands, coral reef, estuary and deserts. ...
Environmental Science
Environmental Science Environmental Science Law of Conservation of Energy This law states that energy can neither be created and nor be destroyed, however it can be transformed from one from to another form and transferred from one body to another. The total energy in a closed system always remains same (Schobert, ...
Continental Drift
Continental Drift [Name of the Instructor] [Name of the Institute] Continental Drift Introduction The theory of Continental Drift is the reasoning by popular scientists to uphold the phenomenon of the primordial earth. The theory states that it has got discovered that the East coastline of Northern and Southern America adjusts perfectly with the western coastline ...
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research Contents Introduction3 Discussion3 Embryonic Stem Cells3 Progenitor Cells3 Potency definitions5 Identification5 Conclusion6 End Notes7 Stem Cell Research Introduction Stems cells are special type of biological cells that are present in all multicellular organisms. These cells can divide themselves into diverse and different specialized cell that can self renew themselves to produce further stem cells. In mammals these stem cells ...
Albert Einstein: The Scientist Behind Relativity Theory
Albert Einstein: The Scientist Behind Relativity Theory Abstract This world has seen many scientists who invented many theories and delivered ideas for further research. Albert Einstein is one of them who presented theory of relativity and other important scientific contributions. The role of Einstein in the field of mathematics and physics is ...
Control System For A Nuclear Reactor Power Plant
Control System for a Nuclear Reactor Power Plant Control System for a Nuclear Reactor Power Plant Introduction A nuclear reactor is a contrivance that is used to start and organize an unrelenting nuclear chain reaction. Most frequently, these are utilized for producing electricity and for the impetus of ships. Generally, the heat passed ...
Does Progress Make Civilizations More Civilized?
Does progress make civilizations more civilized? Abstract On a very broad level, the terms civilized may be defined as a person who is well mannered and knows of the human behavior expected of him. He may behave in a manner that is acceptable and conforms to the norms of the society. The ...
Food Intake Record
Food Intake Record Abstract This research paper represents my personal intake of 3 days. This paper also discussed about my diet and changes I have made in 3 days. This intake food record paper also helps others to think of their routine diet. Contents Introduction4 Discussion4 Recommendations5 Conclusion5 References6 Food Intake Record Introduction When we talk about a three day ...
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