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Assignment on Education Theories

Pedagogy is a sensitive field where the need to make accurate tradeoffs in order to gain access to a particular research site is necessary. Researchomatic’s collection of pedagogy assignments provides the ease to conduct relevant research and to complete different types of pedagogy assignments within a reasonable time frame. The topics provided here will introduce you to a range of pedagogy issues and problems.

Adult Education Inventory
Adult Education Inventory Adult Education Inventory Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (PAEI) PAEI inventory is intended to help the adult educationalist to recognize his or her philosophical view of education and to evaluate it with customary philosophical views in the domain of adult learning. Below is the score of my PAEI ...
Philosophy Philosophy Philosophy represents “love of wisdom.” The term is derivative of two Greek words i.e. philo, which means love and sophos, which means wisdom. It facilitates teachers and instructors to focus on important ideas and issues in education, through questions. Such as what is the sound quality life? What is being ...
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Introduction Benjamin Bloom began working on the development of educational goals which include knowledge and understanding, analysis, application and evaluation of concepts. These goals led to greater focus on the early development of critical thinking skills in education. The efforts to make a holistic education possible gained momentum after ...
Formative And Summative Evaluations
Formative and Summative Evaluations Formative and Summative Evaluations Introduction Formative and summative evaluations are essential for any educational institution. The formative assessment is done in order to monitor the learning of the student, providing feedback which will aid in bringing improvement in teaching of an instructor and help students in improving their ...
Learning Theory In Community Colleges Today
Learning Theory in Community Colleges Today Learning Theory in Community Colleges Today Introduction Many theorists have presented different theories in order develop greater understanding of learning. Many philosophers, educational psychologists and others theorists have debated over how the learning is to be executed and how it is done. Conceptual frameworks are presented that ...
Ict And Learning Environments
ICT AND LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS Assignment 1 - Applying ICT Principles, Tools and Strategies to Personal Study Discussion1 Task 1 - Application of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Environmental Study1 1.1)Use of ICT Skills in Learning Environments1 1.2)Routes to Acquire ICT Skills2 Task 2 - E-Portfolio Construction3 2.1)Principles of Electronic Portfolio (E-Portfolio)4 2.2)Self-Assessment Methods6 Task 3- Independent Web Based Research8 3.1)Conducting ...
Developing Learning Outcomes
Developing learning outcomes Developing learning outcomes Abstract The lesson plan chosen is Massage Therapy taken from the American Massage Therapy Association's website. The objective of this lesson plan is to design the patterns for the adult learner, most appropriately for the learners who have a need to learn the secrets of successful ...
BEHAVIORIST ABSTRACT Behaviorism is the combination of beliefs which indicates that the behaviors are measurable and they can be polished and changed and it is also known as the Behavioral psychology. The behavioral psychology is the theory that is based upon the concepts that the behavior of any individual is based upon ...
Mathematics Teaching And Learning
MATHEMATICS TEACHING AND LEARNING Report on Effective Mathematics Teaching and Learning Report on Effective Mathematics Teaching and Learning Introduction Mathematics is playing a vital role in individual life with different spheres of private, civil and social life. In past, number of students struggle with the mathematics and disaffected continually confront obstacles. Study ...
Compare And Contrast Pestalozzi And Montessori
Compare and Contrast Pestalozzi and Montessori Compare and Contrast Pestalozzi and Montessori Introduction A Brief Historical Review of Educational Philosophies The philosophy of education has changed to a great extent from 17th century till today. The ideology given by Comenius paid emphasis on children's natural growth and their contribution to world ...
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