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Thesis on Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating field. A marketer creates, delivers and communicates value to customers by providing products that satisfies them. Students who pursue their Masters’ degree in marketing are often required to submit marketing thesis as their final projects. Keeping this in mind, the dedicated research professionals of Researchomatic have prepared hundreds of marketing thesis to help out students. Students can get help from these topics in writing their marketing thesis.

An Investigation Into The Potential Impact Of Using A Different Approach Of People Management And Its Possible Benefits In Improving Organisational Performance At Beechwood Company by
An Investigation into the Potential Impact of Using a Different Approach of People Management and its Possible Benefits in Improving Organisational Performance at Beechwood Company By [Name of the Institute] [Course Code] ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation is an opportunity for me to extend my regards to my research supervisor, my beloved friends, and my family for ...
Digital Marketing In The Middle East
Digital Marketing in the Middle East CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 Background of the study1 Purpose statement8 Research questions8 General8 Specific9 Significance of the study9 Definition of the Terms10 REFERENCES11 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Background of the study In the era of globalization, it is imminent for the companies to attract and retain customers or potential customers by providing them awareness about their products ...
Consultancy Project: Increase Business Volume And Enhance The Activities On A Global Basis
Consultancy Project: Increase Business Volume and Enhance the Activities on a Global Basis By [Month/Year] CHAPTER 4: METHODOLOGY1 4.1 Introduction1 4.2 Research Methodology1 4.3 Qualitative Research Methodology2 4.4 Justification for Selecting Qualitative Research Method3 4.5 Data Collection3 4.6 Primary Sources4 4.6.1 Questionnaire4 4.6.2 Geographical Location5 4.6.3 Sampling Method5 4.6.4 Participants6 4.7 Focus Group6 4.7.1 Sample Size7 4.8 Case Research Process8 4.9 Secondary sources8 4.9.1 Selection Criteria9 4.9.2 Keywords10 4.10 Validity ...
Online Banking by
Online Banking by Online Banking Chapter Number: 1 Chapter Overview The chapter would focus on the complete and comprehensive history of online banking, focusing on its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the various issues and concerns related to online banking would be highlighted, combined with the expectations of various banks and the actual results. A ...
New Trend Of Online And Mobile Banking
New Trend of Online and Mobile Banking By CHAPTER 2: REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE1 Online and Mobile Banking1 Online Banking Stimulated by Online Shopping2 Mobile Banking3 Automated Teller Machine (ATM)4 Factors Contributed To Customers Shifting To Online and Mobile Banking4 Online Banking and Perceived Usefulness4 Advantages/Disadvantages of Online Banking vs. Local- Based Banking7 Advantages of Online Banking7 Disadvantages of Online Banking8 Transactions ...
Organiztaional Culture
ORGANIZTAIONAL CULTURE Organization culture by Organization culture Title of the Study Impact of Organization Culture on performance of employees. Aims of the Study The aim of this research is to analyze the impact of organization's culture of the performance of employees. Organizational culture is made up of values, norms, vision and mission of the company, systems, symbols, ...
Local Content Development In The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry: Prospects And Challenges
Local Content Development in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry: Prospects and Challenges Research Proposal1 Topic1 Introduction1 Background of Nigerian Economy and the Oil and Gas Industry1 Research Aim and Objectives3 Research Questions3 Outline of the Research3 Methodology3 Research Method3 Qualitative Research Method3 Rationale for Using Qualitative Method4 Reason for not using Primary Method4 Data Collection4 Secondary Method4 Data Analysis4 Data Analysis Process4 Sampling Method5 Research Philosophy5 REFERENCES6 Research Proposal Topic Local ...
Bny Mellon Financial Corporation
BNY Mellon Financial Corporation BNY Mellon Financial Corporation Introduction This paper intends to expound the significance of reducing work week and opting for the option of providing home based jobs to lower the overhead costs for the company. The current economic crisis has become threat for every company where each and every ...
Significance Of Business Planning And The Role Of Effectuation In The Success Of A Business
Significance of Business Planning and the Role of Effectuation in the Success of a Business CHAPTER IV: DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS In the present thesis, we intended to study the “significance of business planning and the role of effectuation in the success of a business. In order to thoroughly understand our research ...
Online Shopping And Women Advertising by
[Online shopping and women advertising ] by Online shopping and women advertising Abstract Businesses in today's world are operating in global environment due to the challenges and complex business environment. To work globally businesses are working online in which one of the most successful business is online shopping. The in this study the use ...
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