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Assignment on Bible

Assignments on religion and theology often focus on the Bible in order to gauge the understanding of students. Solving such assignments is a daunting task for many. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to quality term papers on religion and theology, most of which derive careful analysis based on Bible and its teachings. These assignments will help students to better understand the concepts.

Church Model Analysis
Church Model Analysis Church Model Analysis Introduction The synonyms of “organic church” are “house church” and “simple church” both of which used to define and compare the meaning of Missional organic church. However the synonyms do not do justice to its meaning as this form of church as it is not people ...
Church Growth In Modern Christianity
CHURCH GROWTH IN MODERN CHRISTIANITY Critical Analysis of Church Growth in Modern Christianity Critical Analysis of Church Growth in Modern Christianity Introduction Church growth can be defined as the movement that initiated within the evangelical Christianity mainly with the purpose of merging missionary work with its social aspects for the people who ...
Foundations Of Biblical Principles
Foundations of Biblical Principles Foundations of Biblical Principles Abstract This paper intends to examine the 10 of the 44 principles in the Biblical Principles Related to Education under the three major headings; Recovery of Knowledge, Renovation of the Soul, and Restoration of the Kingdom's Miraculous Power. These three headings are declarations of a ...
Religion & Theology
Religion & Theology Infallibility of the Bible Summary One of the belief and concept that what so ever is written or included in the Bible is true as well as correct regarding the concept of faith as well as equality. The reason that why Bible is termed as one of the most important ...
Inerrancy Of Bible
INERRANCY OF BIBLE Argument on the Inerrancy of Bible Argument on the Inerrancy of Bible Critique on Paper 1: This paper has been presented in a clear manner and the writer has described the different aspects of biblical inerrancy in this paper. The writer has given the very clear definitions of biblical ...
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Interpretation Biblical Interpretation Assignment 1: Roman 1: 14-17 Introduction After introducing himself as an apostle appropriately by appealing to those who were called to Rome, the apostle Paul shows his gratitude for their trust, and his immense wish to perceive them, in spite of all the obstacles previously in for their mutual ...
Christianity And Sexuality
Christianity and Sexuality Christianity and Sexuality Introduction Sexuality is a sensitive issue for which people perception and attitude defines the willingness to discuss the concept backgrounds and consequences. In open culture societies, people take adaptive approach to share their views on this particular concept. In culturally bounded societies cultural norms and expectations from ...
Luke 15 - Prodigal Son
Luke 15 - Prodigal Son Luke 15 - Prodigal Son Introduction The Prodigal Son, also called as Lost Son and Prodigal Father is one of the religious stories of Jesus. The reason of three examples explained in Luke 15 is to justify the sins conducts of Christians in getting delights in return for their good and accurate deeds. ...
Commentary On Third John
COMMENTARY ON THIRD JOHN Commentary on Third John Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion3 Analysis of Letter5 Conclusion11 References12 Commentary on Third John Introduction The Third Epistle of John is often written as Third John and is a book among the various titles of the New Testament written solely about John the Evangelist. Although traditionally known to be authored ...
Religion And Theology
RELIGION AND THEOLOGY Jesus Christ: Miracle of Water into Wine Jesus Christ: Miracle of Water into Wine Introduction To define miracle literally, it is a supernatural occurrence or event executed by a divine entity, saint, miracle worker or a religious leader. In terms of common language, any event that is highly improbable, that benefits ...
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