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Assignment on Bible

Assignments on religion and theology often focus on the Bible in order to gauge the understanding of students. Solving such assignments is a daunting task for many. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to quality term papers on religion and theology, most of which derive careful analysis based on Bible and its teachings. These assignments will help students to better understand the concepts.

Chapter Assignment 3
Chapter Assignment 3 Chapter Assignment 3 How does, Philippians 2:1-4 relate to Philippians 2:5-11? Philippians segment 2 starts with a conjunction, that is, predictable with the NKJV and in addition NASB it's "therefore" and in addition the ESV says "so". This conjunction gives us a chance to realize that part 2 does not ...
Deuteronomy 22:5
DEUTERONOMY 22:5 Deuteronomy 22:5-Application and the Question of Cultural Relativity Deuteronomy 22:5-Application and the Question of Cultural Relativity Introduction The revelations in the scripture of Bible are applied in the situations of today's world. An appropriate application of a verse of scripture requires a proper interpretation and understanding of the verse. This interpretation is ...
Convenant Convenant Introduction This essay will discuss the impact of convenant made by Abaraham on the lives of Jacob, Joseph, Isaac and Abaraham. This will reflect the life of each patriarch and how the coveneant affected and guided the decision and attitudes of patriarch. Convenant can be defined as a solemn and ...
Biblical Theology
Biblical Theology Biblical Theology Biblical Theology Introduction Since the start of this world and humankind, God has made many promises too many of his people. The basic concept of Christian doctrine or any other religious point of view is to live your life in the way of God. Humans are the ...
Bible In Context
BIBLE IN CONTEXT Bible in Context Task 3 Summative Bible in Context Task 3 Summative Major Themes of the Bible The Bible has several major themes two of which are discussed below: The Bible: The Word of God There are two facts that show that the Bible if the word of God. Firstly, the Bible itself ...
Religion And Theology - Bible
Religion and Theology - Bible Religion and Theology - Bible It is not only the social responsibility to care for the humanity, but the Bible has also mentioned the value for humanitarian in several places. In such a scenario where 2 black male were become the victims of Police brutality we ...
DISCUSSION Discussion Board 4 Discussion Board 4 How does the use of New Testament texts in the first 2 articles further illuminate Genesis? Quotable Quote “In some cases what appears to be an anachronism may be better understood as an adaptation.” Achilles' heel Argument In the article by Edwin Yanauchi, the author tried to investigate the reliability ...
Religion And Theology
Religion and Theology Religion and Theology My beloved friend Joey, You have been a lifelong friend of mine; we have been together since childhood, we have grown up together, shared many unforgettable memories which will last forever. I truly thank God that He has given a friend like you in my life, ...
The Abrahamic Covenant
The Abrahamic Covenant The Abrahamic Covenant [Date of Submission] Introduction3 The Thesis Statement3 The Abrahamic Covenant4 Research Methodology7 Research Instruments7 Discussion and Results7 Conclusion9 The Abrahamic Covenant Introduction Various names of God can make one learn about his character. The God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, is one of these names. The concept of God as a God of relationships and people ...
Israel & Judah
Israel & Judah Israel & Judah Introduction This paper intends to analyze the messages of the prophet Isaiah and prophet Jeremiah. The messages of prophet Isaiah and prophet Jeremiah will be analyzed in a manner that will make the reader aware about the important aspects of the religion. The passages from the books ...
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