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Assignment on Bible

Assignments on religion and theology often focus on the Bible in order to gauge the understanding of students. Solving such assignments is a daunting task for many. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to quality term papers on religion and theology, most of which derive careful analysis based on Bible and its teachings. These assignments will help students to better understand the concepts.

Inerrancy Of The Bible
Inerrancy of the Bible Inerrancy of the Bible Introduction There are many different opinions regarding the greatest debate of all times which is the inerrancy of the Bible. These books examine the past history of a never ending debate over the inerrancy of bible within modern evangelicalism. It also examines the traditional arguments ...
Psalm 24 Paper
PSALM 24 PAPER Psalm 24 Paper Psalm 24 Introduction Background of the Psalm In the first half of the psalm, it is stated that "the Almighty owns the whole world, all the earth and its fullness and the inhabited world and all its inhabitants, for he founded it upon the seas and ...
Catholic Education
Catholic Education Catholic Education Curriculum is a collection of all the experiences and activities within a school community that promote and encourage the development and learning of students as w person, particularly in a social context. Religious Education is supposed to be a crucial learning area within the curriculum of Catholic schools. This ...
Religion Theology
Religion Theology Religion Theology Gospel Message and Saint Paul Ethical Instruction The Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians is quite short of only four chapters. The letter is full of all the passion of Paul to the Gospel and the Church. The ethical instruction in the chapter two is strongly related ...
Personal Reflection
Personal Reflection Personal Reflection With reference to the Holy Bible or any religious book that could be practiced, it becomes much evident to see and understand that religion plays an important role in the development and grooming of human beings on a daily, routine basis.  Because people have been designed and created ...
Riverside Church
RIVERSIDE CHURCH Riverside Church Riverside Church Introduction The Riverside Church stands as a beacon to the north of the island of Manhattan. In a city full of skyscrapers, this Gothic masterpiece still manages to excel in height. Actually, the Riverside Church is the tallest church in the United States and is ranked 26th ...
CHRISTIANITY Christianity Christianity Introduction Christianity is the Abrahamic world religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ described in the New Testament. Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the Son of God and the Savior of mankind. Christians do not doubt the historicity of Jesus Christ. The roots ...
Innovate Church
INNOVATE CHURCH INNOVATE CHURCH - DISCIPLESHIP I & II INNOVATE CHURCH - DISCIPLESHIP I & II Innovate Church - Discipleship I The chapter 1 of discipleship is related to the God's will for my life. In this chapter, the author has focused on the concept of disciple. The author has emphasized that ...
Church Model Analysis
Church Model Analysis [Name of the institute]Church Model Analysis Summary God has created a miraculous world for us. He is the creator of this world and of us. He sent us on this earth so that we can enjoy, take pleasure and appreciate the beauty and art of his uniqueness. One of our ...
The Apostle Paul The Servant Leader
The Apostle Paul the Servant Leader [Student ID Number] [Course Number] Table Of Contents Front Matter1 Lesson One: Self-Discipline2 Personal Growth2 Character2 Paul's Self-Discipline3 Leadership and Growth3 Character, the Foundation of Leadership4 Paul, a Man of Character4 Summary and Conclusion5 Lesson Two: Interpersonal Leadership5 Grace5 Believing in God's Grace5 Living God's Grace6 Servant Attitude6 Lesson Three: Servant hood: The Essence of Biblical Leadership7 Paul the Servant7 The Importance of ...
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