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Assignment on Bible

Assignments on religion and theology often focus on the Bible in order to gauge the understanding of students. Solving such assignments is a daunting task for many. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to quality term papers on religion and theology, most of which derive careful analysis based on Bible and its teachings. These assignments will help students to better understand the concepts.

The Sin Of Ham
THE SIN OF HAM The Sin of Ham The Sin of Ham It is mentioned in Genesis 9:21-33 that Noah uncovered his body and slept in his tent. During this time, his son Ham saw this and reported it to his brothers. In order to cover his nakedness, his sons covered him with ...
Religion Theology
Religion Theology On Preparation and Delivery of Sermons Introduction Religion is the main connection of the person on earth with the supernatural believing who controls the people on earth. There are certain representatives of God on earth who act as the servicers of communicating messages between the followers and the God. Humans arrive ...
Eschatological View Of The Church
ESCHATOLOGICAL VIEW OF THE CHURCH Eschatological View of the Church Eschatological View of the Church Introduction Church is regarded as the Holy place for the purpose of worship of God and find solicit. The people usually view church as a place to connect with God and commonly confess their deeds against virtues. It is ...
Gospel Illustration
Gospel Illustration Introduction The Gospel According to Matthew is one of the four gospels of the New Testament, and describes the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. The story follows chronologically the key moments: birth, baptism, miracles, preaching, crucifixion, resurrection and taken up into heaven inclusion. The Bible is a ...
Galilean Ministry Of Jesus
Galilean Ministry of Jesus Galilean Ministry of Jesus Introduction The three stories from the Galilean Ministry of Jesus are Jesus Ministries, Who Jesus Is and Jesus Son of God. The ministry of Jesus continued for a year and a half. During Jesus' Galilean ministry, four important events took place. First twelve men ...
Bible In Context
BIBLE IN CONTEXT Bible in Context Bible in Context Introduction After explaining the meaning of the parable of the wheat to his disciples, Jesus went on to tell them two other parables. These are the parable of the hidden treasure and the parable of the pearl. These two parables, just like the previous parables, ...
THEOLOGY-BIBLE Hermeneutics Course Assignment Hermeneutics Course Assignment The Bible comes from a variety of oral traditions that are gradually grouped and put in writing. This slow formation explains why the Bible literary genres and styles are so different and why some books you can identify the authors while others they remain unknown. ...
THEOLOGY Theology Assignment John 10:1-21 Word behind the Text Historical Context In John10:1-21, Jesus continues the events from chapter 9 by contrasting himself with the Pharisees. He identifies himself as the good shepherd and the Pharisees as evil shepherds. Jesus came at a time when people were divided and evil was supreme. Although the prophets ...
John’s Gospel: Prologue
JOHN'S GOSPEL: PROLOGUE John's Gospel: Prologue [Name of the Instructor] John's Gospel: Prologue Introduction This essay explores the highly central and debated concept of the book of John “the Logos” in the prologue and, alternatively, studies the way the evangelist presents Jesus to his rest of the gospel. Firstly, before developing the concept of “Logos”, ...
Hybrid Church: The Fusion Of Intimacy And Impact
Hybrid Church: The Fusion of Intimacy and Impact Hybrid Church: The Fusion of Intimacy and Impact Introduction The book written by Dave Browning by the name of Hybrid Church: The Fusion of Intimacy and Impact basically covering the different architectural designs of the churches of the modern era in United States. The ...
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