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Assignment on Bible

Assignments on religion and theology often focus on the Bible in order to gauge the understanding of students. Solving such assignments is a daunting task for many. This section of Researchomatic is dedicated to quality term papers on religion and theology, most of which derive careful analysis based on Bible and its teachings. These assignments will help students to better understand the concepts.

Sources Exegetical Paper: Rom. 8:1–8
Sources Exegetical Paper: Rom. 8:1-8 Introduction2 Discussion3 Source 1: Johnson, A.Romans- Everyman's Bible Commentary.3 Source 2: Williams, H. W. An Exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. 4 Source 3: Virkler, H.A. Hermeneutics, Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation,5 Source 4: Moo. D. The epistle to the Romans..7 Source 5: Soderquist, J. “Life in the Spirit: ...
Application Of Logic
Application of Logic Application of Logic Given the two statements, I have chosen “The Bible is the Word of God personally delivered by God to all of humanity”; regarding this I will be discussing the consequences of both believing and not believing in the above statement. People numerous times come up ...
Disciple-Maker’s Message
Disciple-Maker's Message Disciple-Maker's Message Introduction Tradition, observation, participation and inspiration are the sources of a disciple-maker's message. Tradition is the primary source of a disciple-maker's message which means to teach the entire counsel of God. The next source of a disciple-maker's message is observation which means to be conscious of what the congregation ...
How God Organizes People For Effective Action
How God Organizes People for Effective Action How God Organizes People for Effective Action Introduction This assignment is based on How God Organizes People for Effective Action. God had a purpose for the creation of the universe and all things that are in it. The will of God is always present in ...
Deity Of Christ
Deity of Christ Deity of Christ Thesis Statement Jesus often claimed that he was the son of God and proved this by performing miracles and rising from the dead; although people doubt this claim, the Bible has justified it at several places. Explanation Jesus made several claims that he was the Son of god and ...
Summarize The Main Issues Facing Each Of The Churches Addressed By The General Epistles
Summarize the Main Issues Facing Each of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles Summarize the Main Issues Facing Each of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles Introduction For the reason that the Revelation, Acts, and Gospels have discrete genres and the 13 letters of Paul make a natural collection, the rest ...
Group Discussion Board Forum 1
Group Discussion Board Forum 1 Group Discussion Board Forum 1 Introduction During my childhood, I was brought up on the King James Version (KJV) translation since this was the translation used by my parents. However, during the later part of my life I began liking the New Living Translation (NLT) since it was ...
Apostle John
APOSTLE JOHN John the beloved Apostle of Jesus [Name of Student] John the beloved Apostle of Jesus Outline John the Apostle John the Apostle was one of the 12th Apostle of Jesus. He was the beloved Apostle amongst the others and was the only one who stood by the side of Jesus at the time of ...
James 2:14 – 26
JAMES 2:14 - 26 James 2:14 - 26 What is meant by the Faith without work is Dead (James 2:14 - 26) In the initial chapter, from verses 22-25, James actually encouraging the readers that they should not only focus on hearing the words but also to put those hearing into practice. Thus, ...
Literary Analysis Of Numbers 14:1-45
Literary Analysis of Numbers 14:1-45 Literary Analysis of Numbers 14:1-45 Introduction The rebellion's spirit which arrived to the head in the plan to put Caleb and Joshua to death was suppressed by the burning splendor which had been flashed out at the meeting's tent. However, disaffection and hostility continued and Moses recognized with ...
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